#MusicStillMatters New Music: Kanye West Ft. French Montana & Cam’ron – Ass Shots


New Pablo! Well, new in the terms of unreleased. A new Kanye track featuring French Montana & Cam’ron has surfaced on the internet called “Ass Shots.” Now, it’s unknown where this track will end up or where it was supposed to end up, but judging by the song cover art that says “Swish,” this could have been a loose track that didn’t make the cut for the eventual “TLOP.” Anyway, we’re here for the new music and wish Kanye a safe & speedy recovery! Listen to the new song below by downloading the DJ Funk Flex App for iOS & Android for free.

Kanye West Reportedly Didn’t Take His Meds, Triggering The Breakdown


Kanye West is home from the hospital and resting now, but there’s still a lot of gray area as to what actually happened. A new report from TMZ is saying that the breakdown came from Kanye not taking his medicine properly, but what medicine exactly? Well, the report alleges that Kanye has “long suffered from psychological issues controllable by medication,” and usually, he is on top of it. However, Kim’s Paris incident and the anniversary of his mother’s death were back to back, so it’s likely that was a huge part of why he stopped taking the right dosage.

(Audio) Kanye West Audio Released; “Keep All Weapons Away From Him”


Kanye recently canceled his remaining ‘Life of Pablo’ tour dates due to his mental break down. He is now taking a pretty huge break from the concert life in total to work on himself. As of now, there is no specific date as to when Kanye will return to concert life. The initial 911 call is now being released. In the audio, you can hear an instruction to keep all weapons away from Kanye!

Kanye West Suspends All Of His Upcoming Concerts


Ye just checked out of the hospital and went home under the care of his wife and personal doctor. In the meantime, it was rumored that he might hit the stage sometime soon, but that’s definitely a no go as far as we’re concerned.

Kanye West Has Now Checked Out Of The Hospital


Kanye West is now home safe as he has just checked out of the hospital. He left the UCLA medical center under his wife’s care and also his personal doctor Dr. Michael Farzam. This is the same doctor who called 911 the day Kanye was admitted into the hospital.

Kanye West’s “Nervous Breakdown” Was Reportedly Triggered By Anniversary Of His Mom’s Death


A new report comes in stating that to top off the rollercoaster ride Kanye and his family have had, the anniversary of his mother’s death was the final straw of stress to break Kanye down.

‘Keeping Up With The Kardashians’ Will Now Be Taking A Production Break


The Kardashians just have a lot going on at the point. Last month, Kim was robbed at gun point which destroyed her mentally. She has pretty much buried herself in privacy since. Kim has done less appearances, spends less time on social media, and has overall just been quiet. Kanye West is now being held at a hospital for extreme paranoia which puts a burden on things also. We are told that Kim has been holding the fort down now and trying to be there for her husband. In the midst of the rain, there has to be sunshine. Rob and Chyna have recently welcomed a baby girl to the world. Although that certainly is a good thing, I’m sure its still a lot to handle.

(Video) Wiz Khalifa Says Kanye Just Needs Some Kush And He’ll Be Fine


Kanye West is still being held at the hospital for extreme paranoia. We know Wiz and Kanye don’t have the best relationship but Wiz did offer to extend the blunt to Ye.’ That only lasted for a few then Wiz was back to being hostile. Wiz says Kanye should smoke some ‘KK to make his day day all better.’

Kanye West Will NOT Get Out Of The Hospital Today As Planned


Even though Kanye and Kim were hoping to get him out of the hospital today, it looks like it is a no-go. Kanye’s personal doctor was suppose to take charge of him upon release. Apparently he is not stable enough to be released today. There is no set release date as of now due to his breakdown.

(Video) Q-Tip Would Like To Have A Serious Talk With Kanye West About Donald Trump


While chatting with Bloomberg Politics’ John Heilemann for “With All Due Respect,” Q-Tip speaks on what he thinks about Kanye West’s recent hospitalization. He even spoke a bit about Kanye’s Donald Trump remarks during his concert.

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