(Photo) Wait, Rihanna Done With Chris And Dating One Of Her Exes?!?!

Ahh, the plot thickens. We’ve heard that Rihanna and Chris have been on the rocks lately. It looks like Rihanna’s been getting tired of the love triangle between her, Chris and Karrueche and now is going back to an ex. I wonder if she’s going back with her ex to get Chris’ attention or if she really is moving on. Click below to find out who and to find out more details!! Melissa

(Photos) Teyana Taylor Is Getting Pretty Close & Personal With Who ???

The daughter of N.W.A. rapper, Eazy E was being real cuddly with one of Chris Brown’s lovers. She rang in the new year with a sweet kiss and titled the pics “Love.” Drop down bottom to check out who it was. JaaiR (JR)

Is This Chris Brown’s Final Goodbye To Karrueche?!

After being spotted together at the basketball game the other day and countless other times, it’s clear that Chris Brown and Rihanna are back together but where does that leave Karrueche. Chris, who drunkenly admitted that he loved both Rih and Kae, seemed to be stringing Kae along for a bit once rumors began that him and Rih were seeing each other again. Many people were left wondering if Chris was with Kae or with Rihanna or just friends with both, and it seems like we finally have an answer after Chris took serious action recently. Beings that Chris called Kae for Christmas and says he misses her, leaves people to believe that Rihanna made him take the action that he did to prove he doesn’t want Kae anymore. I’m not sure why anyone thinks calling someone Christmas or missing them means you want to be with them. I always felt like Kae was a rebound chick anyway, she just stuck around longer than I thought she would have. Find out what it was that Chris did below, Julie A.

Good For Her! Guess What MAJOR Move Karrueche Is About To Make!

Move over, Chris Brown! Karrueche is making moves on her own now! The model revealed via Instagram last night (with the above photo) that she just recently shot for her very first magazine cover! That’s huge. Necole Bitchie says the shoot was styled by Olori Swank (who’s worked with Keyshia Cole, Trey Songz and more), though there’s no word just yet on what mag it’s for. Either way, that’s a big accomplishment and it’s good to see she’s keeping busy after the breakup! Marisa Mendez

(Photo) Wow….Chris Brown Is Trying To Make Money Off Him & Rihanna Being Together!

When news came out that Chris Brown’s ex Karrueche Tran was with him in Paris last weekend, a few girls that were around them had said that him being with Rihanna was just “good for business.” You can’t really take anyone’s word for it since that’s not straight from the horse’s mouth, but a new move Chris has pulled seems to speak toward it being true. In the gallery, check out what’s for sale on his website! It’s a rather interesting move, to say the least! What are your thoughts on this? I’m not quite sure how I feel about it just yet… Marisa Mendez

Oh Boy….Is Rihanna Upset With Chris Brown Again?!

Rihanna is back to subtweeting, and it looks like there could be some trouble in paradise. By now, we know that her love Chris Brown was with his ex Karrueche all weekend in Paris, while Rih was elsewhere tweeting that she missed him, and posting provocative pictures on Instagram. However, a tweet she sent out today seems to allude to Chris not really playing his part. I’m sure all will be well tomorrow though. Just yesterday, Kae seemed pretty fed up with him too. These 3 are nuts! Check the tweet below. Marisa Mendez

(Photos) What Part Of Karrueche Tran’s Anatomy Is Chris Brown Admiring ??? Check It Out

This past weekend, Karrueche Tran and Chris Brown were spotted in Paris. There were some speculations going around as to why CB was there, but BadgalRiRi

Is Karrueche Finally Over The Chris Brown Drama?

Maybe Chris Brown’s ex Karrueche is finally over this love triangle he’s been putting both her and Rihanna through. Or…maybe not. We’ve been down this road before, but she’s always come right back. I’m referring to a tweet she made yesterday, after landing back in the U.S. following a weekend with Chris Brown in Paris. It’s an interesting comment that she made, but she also made a similar one after he put out that drunken video saying he loves both her and Rihanna and as we know, she still went back around him. See the tweet for yourself below. Let’s see if anything changes from here! Marisa Mendez

(Photos) Chris Brown & Karrueche Were Together In Paris! And He Repped Her On Instagram!

I was paying close attention to Chris Brown’s happenings this weekend, as supposedly both his ex-girlfriend Karrueche and current whatever-she-is-to-him Rihanna were both to be in Paris the same time he was. Turns out, it got even messier than we (as bloggers who love gossip, LOL) could have hoped for! Here’s the deal: Kae, despite allegedly being broken up with Chris, still works with him as part of his styling team. Perhaps because Paris is such a mecca of fashion, perhaps because he missed her, perhaps because of some other reason I can’t think of, Kae and the styling team were sent out to Paris this weekend for Chris, while he was in town for multiple stops of his Carpe Diem tour. Simultaneously, Rihanna’s Diamonds tour was rolling through the city. Rih must have gotten word she had something to worry about, so she took to her IG to post what turned out to be an OLD photo of her and Chris in bed, likely from their rendezvous on Thanksgiving. Neither Kae nor Breezy paid it much mind, though, as they went on to have quite the time in Paris! Through a series of tweets, photos in the same room (though never together in the same pic) and some fan shots, it was discovered they spent the entire weekend together! And some tea may even have been…

(Photos) Karrueche Has Who Rocking Her New Clothing Line!?

Karrueche Tran’s new clothing line, The Kill is set to drop 12.12.12. Even though he has his own line that recently dropped, C.B. is still showing his support for his ex by rockin’ a “The Kill” t-shirt. Christina Millian is also, struttin’ the outerwear attire. I’m wondering is her line just going to be the basics like, t-shirts, socks, and hats or will there be additions in the near future. Drop down bottom for more. JaaiR (JR)

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