(Photo) Kat Stacks Arrested For Misdemeanor Battery/Domestic Violence

Kat Stacks has been arrested once again. This time, the infamous internet “personality” has been booked in Florida on charges of misdemeanor battery and domestic violence, after apparently getting into a fight. She has been very vocal about having a pimp in the past, so I wouldn’t be surprised if this was a related situation.

(Photos) Girl Bye: Katt Stacks Tried To Come For Blac Chyna Saying Some Racist Comments

Katt Stacks is no stranger to the lime light. If you don’t know who she is lets just say she is relevant for being a proud hoe. I didn’t know that people were proud of being a hoe but anyway she went to Instagram talking a whole lot of trash about Blac Chyna. She said that she looked like an ape and she had a monkey nose. That sounds a little raciest to me, but she tried to apologize for what she said via Twitter. You will never guess what she blamed those racist remarks on. Check out the rest of the story after the jump.

(Video) Kat Stacks Says All Her Old Videos Were Fake + Addresses Issues With Cardi B

Kat Stacks is a name we [thankfully] haven’t heard in some time, but we suddenly found her back in the headlines this week when she decided to come for Love & Hip-Hop‘s newest star, Cardi B. The former queen of Worldstar was upset that Cardi was coming for her “hoe” title that she wears proudly, and even proclaimed that she’s more of a “real hoe” than Cardi will ever be because she actually has 3 prostitution charges in three different states. Such an accolade.

Kat Stacks Comes LHH Series As A Whole; It’s A “Fake Show” She Writes

One thing about Love & Hip Hop, you get a double dose of the drama; on-air and online. Throw Kat Stacks in the middle, and that double becomes a triple. Following the New York premiere on Monday night, Stacks thought new LHH cast member Cardi B wanted to be her “soooo bad.” Apparently, Mona Scott chose Cardi B because she couldn’t get her hands on the real deal. “Atlanta casted me for Love & HipHop but told me I had to move for 2 months and get back with my ex and cheat on him with a baller.” Kat wrote. “I said No.” Hit the jump for more.

SIT DOWN: Kat Stacks Comes For Cardi B; Says She Wants To “Be Like Her So Bad”

Bronx bomber Cardi B is one of the newest members of the Love & Hip-Hop: New York cast and we could not be any more happy about that pick. If you don’t follow Cardi on the ‘Gram, she is a stripper (no shame in her game) who makes the most hilarious Instagram videos and leaves us entertained on the regular. By far, she is the main reason people are tuning into this season of LHH:NY because she is just a complete bug out. with that being said, fellow crazy woman Kat Stacks is not with the sh*ts and feels like Cardi is “stealing her shine” or whatever you want to call it.

(Video) Guy Bags Kat Stacks, Kat Stacks Begs For Sex, Guy’s Girlfriend Beats Up Kat Stacks

Just by the title you should know this is one of the funniest things you’ll see all week. A YouTube dating coach reveals hidden camera footage of him bagging Kat Stacks while with his two girlfriends! Kat Stack was then later attacked by one of his girls after asking for sex. Watch the video after the jump.

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