Uh Oh.. Faizon Love Says, “Katt Williams PULLED A GUN on Me”

We recently reported that the other day’s incident with Katt and the L.A. hotspot Supper Club story was just a misunderstanding.. But now the real truth might be surfacing. Faizon Love tells TMZ, Katt Williams pulled a GUN on him during an intense argument outside the Supper Club. Find out the story after the jump! Biz Baby

(Video Footage) Katt Williams Arrested For A Gun Violation!

Comedian Katt Williams has continuously found himself in a world of trouble these past few years, but luckily for him, today’s early-morning incident was simply a misunderstanding. While partying at L.A. hotspot Supper Club, police were called saying that Katt was holding a gun. More details and the arrest footage below! Marisa Mendez

Hilarious! Katt Williams @KattPackAllDay Stars In New Video From @skenergyshots. Check It Out!

Funk Flex Katt Williams has never had powerful pure energy like this before.  Check out Katt as he tries SK Energy Shots!

Guess How Much Katt Williams Makes A Month!

Katt Williams is currently fighting a custody battle in court, and recently released documents reveal how much the often-troubled comedian makes monthly. You’d be surprised! Find out what his income is below. Marisa Mendez

(Video) Katt Williams Said He Did NOT Apologize For Mexico Remarks

Katt Williams is really going through it. He was arrested multiple times this year, he got kicked out of his own show last month, he got into a fistfight at a Jeezy concert, and now, he’s being criticized for anti-Mexican remarks made towards someone at one of his shows last week. Apparently his publicist apologized for the incident but today, Katt made an appearance on CNN saying that the apology did not come from him. Hit the jump to see what he had to say about the situation. @ItsLukieBaby

(Video) Caught on Tape: Katt Williams Gets Into Fight at Young Jeezy Concert!!

SMH this guy really needs to get his life together. Multiple arrests this year, hardly any TV appearances and now this! Scrapping with a promoter??? With your shirt off?? Horrible. Check out the footage from a recent concert in Phoenix after the jump. @DjRellyRell x Marisa Mendez

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