(Audio) Katt Williams Gets Into A Heated Argument With A Truck Driver

Katt Williams is back in the spotlight for being up to no good. A retired police officer called police complaining that Katt Williams was harassing a truck driver and even make threats. The retired cop said Katt and 3 woman got out of the car with canes of some sort.

(Video) Katt Williams Speaks After Being Released On Bail

After being released from jail, Katt Williams speaks out. Turns out Williams was actually being a good citizen. He went to a neighborhood to spend time with the kids. While there he took pictures, gave the kids money and even spoke to them a bit. Things take a turn where we can see in a full video, Katt was actually trying to get away from the young man when he was then pushed to the limit. You can hear Katt say in the video ‘quit following me.’

(Video) Katt Williams Has Been Released On Bail

Katt Williams has just been released on bail. He was arrested for the fight that he had with a 17-year-old boy.

Katt Williams Found Naked & Covered In Chocolate By Police

Ok here we go….lmao. So amidst all the Katt Williams controversy, there were some details being hid from the public concerning his home raid in Georgia of weed and guns a couple weeks ago. Well now those details have been released by none other than his own family, with hopes of having their beloved Katt hospitalized because they think he needs help (or so they can get his money). It turns out during that raid when the Police came in, they discovered there was a naked Katt Williams covered in chocolate…and in whip cream. Hit the jump.

(UPDATE) Katt Williams Will Be Charged In Fight With 17-Year-Old

Katt Williams and the 17-year-old boy he fought with, Luke Walsh,are both wanted by the cops. The two are being charged with disorderly conduct.

(Video) Katt Williams Speaks On His Fight With The 17-Year-Old At His Show

Katt Williams turned a bad situation into a good one after he addressed the fight he had with a 17-year-old at his show. A few days ago, the little boy spoke out on what happened and now Williams is.

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