(Photo) Tasha Smith’s Husband Wants Files Motion To Appeal Their Annulment

So lets refresh our memory a little bit. Tasha Smith and Keith Douglas got married back in 2010. Smith then found out that the man she had been madly in love with was living a secret life. Douglas was still married to a previous “ex” and had many children that Smith knew nothing about.

Tasha Smith’s Ex-Husband Responds To Annulment

Tasha Smith has recently been asking herself “Why Did I Get Married?” after a judge has just granted her annulment grounds due to her husband, Keith Douglas living a double life. Not only was Douglas living unfaithfully, he also had kids that Smith had no clue about and he was a fraud. Smith has been having marital troubles for quite some time now, but this time, its officially over.

“Why Did I Get Married” Star Tasha Smith Is Facing Marriage Troubles Of Her Own

Actress Tasha Smith must stay at least 2 yards away from husband Keith Douglas while in the house. Find out why inside…

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