NBA: Report, Kendrick Perkins To Sign With Cavs After Buyout From Jazz

Lost in all the chaos of the NBA trade deadline was the fact that OKC sent their big man, Kendrick Perkins to the Utah Jazz as part of the trade involving sending Reggie Jackson to Detroit. The Thunder gave up their enforcer and a guy with passion for the game, but the move had to be done. The Jazz had no intention of keeping Perkins so as they worked on a buyout reports are saying Perkins is still gonna come out of this situation pretty good as he will either sign with the Cavs or Clippers, both of which are legit contenders. Perkins will miss OKC and they will miss him too, but both sides are going to wind up just fine. The reports seem to lean towards the Cavs, so Perkins goes from Durant to Lebron…..not a bad way to stay in the game.

NBA: Kendrick Perkins: Rajon Rondo Wanted Out of Boston

Rajon Rondo has long denied that he wanted to leave the Boston Celtics even amongst the numerous trade rumors.  Well his former teammate Kendrick Perkins says Rondo definitely wanted out.

NBA: Kendrick Perkins Responds to Rudy Gay: “I’d rather be a clown than a virus”

A month-long war of words between Kendrick Perkins and Rudy Gay continued before the Oklahoma City Thunder played at Phoenix Sunday.  Gay previously said Perkins should play with paint on his face because he’s a clown.  Perkins was asked to respond to that comment.

NBA: Rudy Gay Says Kendrick Perkins Should Play With Paint on His Face Because He’s a Clown

You wouldn’t think of the Oklahoma City Thunder and Sacramento Kings as a budding rivalry, but there is certainly a war of words going on between players on both rosters and it’s heating up.

NBA: Kendrick Perkins Says He Hears MVP Chants in His Head

The Oklahoma City Thunder are severely shorthanded this season including losing Russell Westbrook and the league MVP, Kevin Durant to a foot fracture.  They’ve been trying to fill the voids as best they can and they did pull off a win over the currently hot Sacramento Kings.  Though Kendrick Perkins has heard a lot of flack from fans during his time with OKC because of his diminished production, he hears something totally different in his head.

NBA: Problems In OKC? Serge Ibaka & Kendrick Perkins Admit To Doing What?

Serge Ibaka and Kendrick Perkins strike me as two dudes who you don’t want to upset. With Kevin Durant & Russell Westbrook both out with injury there is already enough stress around the team. A report is saying there is some negative things happening beneath the surface as well and it is affecting the locker room. Ibaka & Perkins decided to “freeze” point guard Reggie Jackson out of the game by not passing him the ball after both big men became upset with his play.

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