Elmo Puppeteer Kevin Clash’s Sexual Abuse Lawsuit Is Dismissed!

A federal judge in Pennsylvania has thrown out a sexual abuse lawsuit against Elmo Puppeteer Kevin Clash. Find out why and read more on the story after the jump!

Kevin Clash Wins Big In Child Molestation Lawsuits!

Kevin Clash has had quite a rough time for the past 8 or 9 months, when the former voice of Elmo was hit with back-to-back-to-back lawsuits from various men, claiming he’d had sex with them when they were under age. However, he had a huge victory in court today, when the judge ruled that three of his accusers (Cecil Singleton, Kevin Kiadii and a 3rd unnamed one) had waited too long to file their lawsuits. I’m not sure how many more are pending, but I’m assuming they’ll all find the same fate.

One Of Five Lawsuits Against Kevin Clash Has Been Dropped

One of the five cases of underage sex against Kevin Clash has been dropped, because the accuser wants to focus on his career. (Or maybe…he just doesn’t have enough evidence!) His lawyer says there’s been no settlement, but his client stands by his story that it definitely happened. Maybe the others will follow suit?

SMH: “Elmo” Voice Actor Kevin Clash Sued Again…This Time For Crystal Meth Allegations

They won’t leave this poor man alone! He’s already resigned, what more do you want?! One of his accusers from the original set of allegations, Sheldon Stephens, has brought a lawsuit against Clash, saying that he’d “lured” him into crystal meth parties when he was just 16. Come on, man! This is the same guy who sued Clash originally for the underage sex allegations, reached a settlement, said Clash never did it, then took it back because part of the settlement was for him to say that Clash never did it and he didn’t want to lie anymore. More details on this new suit below.

Kevin Clash (Voice Of Elmo) Moves To Have His Child Molestation Cases Thrown Out

In the case of Kevin Clash’s three underage sex offense charges, they might be too little too late. According to CLash he Statute of limitations deadline for sexual offense cases of this sort is six years, and all three accusers incidents occurred more than ten years ago. Clash just filed a claim to have all three cases thrown out and he wants them thrown out now. The men claim that they didn’t realize the damage that he had caused until now and that is why they are coming out against it but Clash thinks that’s just BS. I have sympathy for those that have been molested, it’s not cool. I’m sure it could take some people a long time to realize the damage that was done to them, but the law is the law. Hit the jump for more.

(Video) WAIT..Is This Kevin Clash’s (Elmo Voice) 1st Accuser In Meek Mill’s Artist’s Video

Now you know this story was BIG! Kevin Clash, the guy who does (DID) the voice of Elmo for about 30+ years resigned, because of all the publicity behind this dude. Sheldon Stephens was the first of three accusers to expose Clash for sexual assault with a minor, and now… When Meek Mill started DreamChasers Records, he had a few artists in mind to sign on – Lee Mazin being one of them. Lee recently came out with a video and who’s the leading male character you ask. Drop down bottom and tell me that I’m not crazy.

Update! Just When You Thought Is Was All Over, Kevin Clash (Voice Of Elmo) Has Yet Another Accuser !!!

Here we go again. S* is getting ridiculous!!! Kevin Clash, (the ORIGINAL voice of Elmo before quitting) has had another person file a lawsuit on him for having an underage sexual encounter with him. This is what I want to know…WHERE WERE YOUR PARENTS, when you had this man flying you out to live with him OR having sex with him, OR DRY-HUMPING ?!?! According to TMZ, in the suit that was filed the person who named themselves, John Doe says that he has suffered emotional, mental and psychological damage as a result of the relationship. The relationship was in 1996 or 1997. Do these people realize that there is a such thing as statue of limitations? If there looking for money, Kevin Clash has already quit his job, and developed a tainted name. I hope this is the LAST “John Doe”. Drop down bottom for more. JaaiR (JR)

Elmo Accusor Says Friends Sold Him Out

Seriously!!! This has to stop! Sheldon Stephens, the first Elmo accuser, claims it was his friends who sold him out to the tabloids…Yea ok! Read more after the jump Quay

Update! Kevin Clash Used Alcohol On Third Accuser !?!?

This S* needs to STOP! Not only does Kevin Clash (the voice of Elmo, until about a weEk ago), have a thrid accuser, but this one (named, John Doe ???) is saying he got me drunk for, “Oral sex and digital penetration.” WTF is digital penetration ??? He using computers or what !? This man has quit his job of 30+ years and his name is gutter now. Who is telling the truth? #SHAMEful. Drop down bottom for more. JaaiR (JR)

Are You Serious??? Two More Elmo Accusers Come Forward!!!

You gotta be kidding me!!! Two more young men have come forward with allegations of underage sexual relationships with Elmo voice actor Kevin Clash… Read more after the jump Quay

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