(Video) NBA: Kevin Garnett’s Intro For His First Game Back In Minnesota Is So Dope It Gives Lebron Chills


Kevin Garnett held a great press conference yesterday but the introduction for his first actual game back blew that away. The Wolves held it down for the most famous player in franchise history, with a great video tribute to all his years in Minnesota before he wound up in Boston. This isn’t a situation where fans are feeling some type of way cause KG left. Wolves fans genuinely love him and are happy he got to win a title. Lebron was watching the KG intro right along with the rest of us and took to twitter to talk about the chills he was getting watching the home crowd welcome KG back. Lebron definitely knows a thing about that.

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NBA Rumor: Kevin Garnett & Flip Saunders Expected to Form a Group To Buy the Timberwolves

IFWT_Flip Saunders Kevin Garnett

Kevin Garnett waived his no-trade clause with the Brooklyn Nets and returned to the Minnesota Timberwolves to finish out his career in the same place it began.  His two-year contract with the team may not be the last of Garnett with the Timberwolves however, he reportedly has ownership in his sights.

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NBA: Kevin Garnett Waives No-Trade Clause & Is Going Back to the Minnesota Timberwolves

IFWT_Kevin Garnett Timberwolves

Today is the NBA trade deadline and several teams have been in quite a frenzy.  One of the big trades announced today is the homecoming of Kevin Garnett.  The All-Star is heading back to the Minnesota Timberwolves to finish things off where he began.

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NBA: Kobe Bryant Says He Texts Guys Like LeBron & KG But He’ll Never Be a Great Friend

IFWT_Kobe alone

The league is changing and everybody knows it.  Back in the 90’s the players genuinely hated each other and if they didn’t in real life you couldn’t tell once they touched the court.  Now the players like LeBron James and Kevin Durant are more buddy-buddy.  Kobe Bryant is from a different era.  Bryant has long been known as a loner, a fierce competitor who’s sole focus is getting better and winning.  Bryant acknowledged that he doesn’t really have friends and although he does have a couple of associates, he notes that he’ll never be a “great friend”.

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NBA: Kevin Garnett Says He’s “All In” & Won’t Seek Buyout From the Brooklyn Nets

IFWT_Garnett  4

The Brooklyn Nets are tumbling down.  They have a 18-28 record with the 9th spot in the Eastern Conference.  So it would only seem logical that Kevin Garnett would jump ship, seek a buyout and join a contender.  At 38-years old, this could be his final season in the league.  Well it turns out leaving the Nets isn’t in his plans.

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(Video) NBA: Kevin Garnett Ejected After Scuffle With Dwight Howard At Tonight’s Game

Kevin Garnett

Kevin Garnett and Dwight Howard got tangled up after a play and it turned ugly with KG headbutting Howard and they two had to be separated by referees and their teammates. Hit the jump for details.

Via Complex Sports:

Kobe Bryant. Kevin Durant. Now, Kevin Garnett. The NBA regular season hasn’t even hit the halfway point and Garnett has become the third player to get into it with Dwight Howard. Nearly midway through the first quarter of tonight’s game between the Houston Rockets and Brooklyn Nets, KG and Howard got tangled up a little bit. It seemed like a harmless foul, but things escalated pretty quickly.

A push by Garnett turned into a retaliation shot by Howard and then things got out of hand. KG sealed his fate for the rest of the night by throwing the ball at DH and delivering a headbutt right to the dome.

Click above gallery for pictures.

Tavia HartleyIFWT

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(Video&Photos) NBA: Kevin Garnett Angry With Fans For Cheering His Dunks?


Not sure why any NBA player would ever get mad at his own fans for cheering when he scores. Kevin Garnett sounds like a grumpy old man today after lashing out at fans for cheering after he threw down an alley oop against the Sacramento Kings. He feels like fans are giving him pity and surprised he can still dunk at his age, which obviously sounds like he is thinking way too much towards the end of his career. Most athletes can not dream of still being able to hang and perform with the best of them at age 38 and that is what KG really should be focused on and happy about. Check the gallery.

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(Video) NBA: Kevin Garnett Blows In Ear Of David West, Players Have To Be Separated


Kevin Garnett has been known his entire career to try and get in the heads of opposing players but now he is pulling a page from Lance Stephenson. KG got under the skin of Pacers forward David West last night as he blew in his ear, a la Lance Stephenson to Lebron last season. Bron handled it much better than West did as he pushed KG and started walking towards him. The funniest thing is Pacers big man Roy Hibbert actually laughing about it the whole time.

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(Photos) NBA: LeBron James & Other Players Wear “I Can’t Breathe” T-Shirts In Support Of Eric Garner


Derrick Rose wore the statement shirt recently and it appears that LeBron James and others have followed his lead. Hit the jump for details.

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(Video) NBA: Kevin Garnett’s Former Celtics Teammate Tells Hilarious Story About KG

Kevin Garnett

Brian Scalabrine appeared on Fox Sports this morning and told a story about an arm wrestling match between Kevin Garnett and Glen “Big Baby” Davis. Hit the jump for details.

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