(Voice) Tech Talk Beta: Swype Gets A Voice!!!

We told you the ‘Enhancement‘ was coming, but there is a Video showing how Clean it’s gonna be! Hit the Jump. +TatWZA

(Video) Tech Talk Device: LightPad Is Exactly What Your Phone Needs!!!

This Device is Just what a 4″(or smaller) smartphone Needs, I know I said phone, But it only for Smartphones, I mean who even has a ‘Feature’ phone any more??? But any way Hit the Jump! +TatWZA

(Video) Tech Talk Device: A NEW Skype Handheld???

last year I posted on the iPazzport which is a Bluetooth enabled miniature keyboard(size of a Blackberry) that let’s you control your laptop(computing device) and this year it does a bit More, like a Skype handheld, Hit the Jump, check it out!! +TatWZA

Tech Talk Keep Up: Does Apple Tech Update Too Fast???

Did Apple Help Or Hurt Consumers With iPhone 4S??? WOW Keyboard We all say “Why Get this ‘Product’ because the upgrade to that product is right around the Corner!” Well that’s true to a degree, but people tend to forget, a few things happen when NEW Tech comes out, like you may need to wait for an accessory upgrade to come with it, and usually it’s a redesign issue, which brings me to why we are here in this given post….So I’ve Done a few posts about Devices that work with the iPhone 4 over the past year, but the question is, now that the 4S is Out, do they still work, And we ask is Tech Moving too fast? Are we getting Enough Bang For Our Buck??? Well Hit the Jump to see for yourself WZA on Google+

Tech Talk News: Motorola Introduces The Motorola Fire

Motorola  FIRE brings the heat to your social life without burning a hole in your wallet. Hands that like to move quickly will love the multi-tasking blend of Touch, Keyboard and Android 2.3, while onlookers will be impressed with the modern design and sophisticated finishes that matches its great price @Yungjohnnybravo @TatWZA

Tech Talk Device: The Super Solar Wireless Keyboard You Need In Your Life!!!

 This keyboard is what we need more of in every computing Device possible, if you ask me, but I know you didn’t, I was just saying IF you did, THAT was it -_- But seriously Although we may not think a solar powered keyboard is a big deal, but if used widely it may not only save over all power consumption, it may spark the change to solar power, which as a society, we really need, but see how it works after the jump! Tat WZA WZA on Google+

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