Google To Release Keylime Pie OS This Spring

There has’nt been a major update in the Android ecosystem. The last great update was last year when Andoroid released Ice Cream Sandwhich. However news is circualting on the web that Google plans on releasing Keylime this Spring. This is great new since Samsung plans on releasing its Galaxy SIV in the same time period. According to Android police who got their hands on some documents, the site says the announcement could be announce at Google’s annual I/O conference which is slated for May 15th through the 17th this year.

Tech Talk Google: Android 4.2 Set To Be Safest Update

Google is set to release it’s newest OS, 4.2. According to Google 4.2 will be the safest release to date. Studies have been done and they that Android phones are more vulnerable to malware viruses.  So it was in Google’s best interest to make 4.2 it’s update. Yungjohnnybravo x TatWZA

Tech Talk News: Google To Announce New 4.2 OS

  On Oct. 29 Google will be announcing new devices to the public.  Along with the device announcement Google will be announcing new OS Android 4.2. It was rumored earlier this year that Google would release a new OS called Android Keylime. No word if these devices will have the 4.2 os treatment or when these devices will be released stay tuned with #ifwt. Yungjohnnybravo x TatWZA

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