(Video) Man Kills Another Man In A Love Triangle Full Of Lies!

Thomas Montgomery fell in love with an 18-year-old woman online, while telling her he was a young marine.  Thomas lied and when his online lover found out she stopped talking to him and began talking to someone else.  Although she was mad he lied to her, she also lied about her age as she was using her daughter’s pics to flirt with younger men!  A the end of this real-life soap opera, Thomas in rage killed her new found love from jealousy. Hit the jump for the details. Steph Bassanini

(Video) Drunk Driver Shoots At Officer – Officer Returns Fire And Kills Driver!!

It’s a sad thing when a life is lost or taken, but in this case this man open fired at a cop. The cop moved out the way and returned fire. Click below to see the video. Posted by –> @WiLMajor

Man Admits He Killed & Dismembered ‘Noisy’ Roommate

A Brooklyn carpenter has confessed to killing and chopping up his roommate because he was too loud. Cops raided Sergey Mamontov’s Sheepshead Bay apartment after getting a tip that his roommate was missing. Click below to read the rest of the story. @WiLMajor

Prison Fire Kills More Than 300 Trapped Inmates And 475 Inmates Escape

Trapped inmates screamed from their cells as a fire swept through a Honduran prison, killing at least 300 inmates. Some 475 people escaped from the prison in the town of Comayagua and 356 are missing and presumed dead. He said 21 people had been injured. Click below to find out more. @WiLMajor

Tech Talk Movie: Take A Look At “Psycho Siri”!!!

LOL, not Siri’s 1st movie, but A must watch!! Hit the Jump. +TatWZA

Cops Shoot And Kill Fellow Officer Suspected Of Sexual Misconduct While Trying To Arrest Him

A police officer under investigation for sexual misconduct with a teenage minor was shot and killed while on duty by fellow officers Saturday as they tried to arrest him on California’s central coast. Click below to read the rest. @WiLMajor

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