Man That Posted Murdered Wife On FB Pleads Not Guilty And Here’s Why!

So this guy, although he posted the photos on facebook right after he murdered her, has pled not guilty. The only reason this is even news is because this happened in Florida, and we all know that state is F*** up!!

(UPDATED*Graphic*18+*Photos*) Man Posts Picture Of Wife On Facebook…Immediately After He Kills Her

I have seen a whole lot of things on this here Net, especially with social media ever expanding, I mean a lot, from all kinds of sexual stuff, to Crime being Bragged about…and I have seen a lot of people get caught from GF’s/BF’s to the Police tracking down the braggarts, but this…this is different…hit the jump. UPDATED BELOW

Shark Attack Does THIS To Teen-Age Girl!!!

This comes straight out of a movie! A French, teenage girl was snorkeling just off the coast of Madagascar when a shark attacked her. The attack was, unfortunately viewed by the victim’s sister, who could do nothing but watch. Hit the jump for the grim details.

What?! Road Rage Killer On The Run???

Today, a man was shot and killed along the side of a highway in Tampa, Florida. The killing is said to be caused by road rage. Police are currently searching for the “Road Rage Killer”.

(Photo) Lil Snupe’s Suspected Killer Turns Himself In & Has Been Charged…! #RIPLilSnupe

The pain has yet to subside for the people close to Lil Snupe and the fans that loved him. Last week, it was reported that up-coming rapper Lil Snupe was found dead via two gun shots in a Winnfield, Lousiana apartment. The, “Nobody” talent had recently turned 18 and was well on his way when allegedly, Tony D. Holden killed him over a video game bet. A warrant was put out for the suspects arrest, but he was no where to be found, until yesterday morning. Holden turned himself into the police and was charged with one count of first-degree murder, armed robbery and illegal possession of a firearm by a convicted felon. The felon had been into more than his fair share of trouble with the law, which makes one wonder, why was he on the streets ANY WAY! Hit the jump to see what Holden’s background consists of.

(Video) Michelle Rodriguez Responds To Being Included In Christopher Dorner’s MANIFESTO !!!

How creepy! Then again, even killers have the ability to be physically attracted to celebrities. Christopher Dorner the cop killer who reportedly ‘killed himself‘ (yea right) created a manifesto and included in that was some celeb women who he thought were…HOT. Michelle Rodriguez (“Fast & Furious 6“) said, “I’m not to keen” about being hot to killer. Other celebs included in Dorner’s writings were Charlie Sheen, Tim Tebow, Anthony Bourdain, Larry David and Lisa Lampanelli. Well, there’s nothing to be worried about any more. Drop down to see why anyone would think Michelle Rodriguez looks good.

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