North Korea’s Leader Kim Jong Un Has An Aunt That Lives In New York?

Would you believe me if I told you that North Korean Leader Kim Jong Un, who has threatened to wipe away the United States with bombs time and time again has an aunt.. that lives in the United States!? Well you better believe it. The woman who remains anonymous has been reportedly living in New York since 1998. It is in that year that she defected from North Korea and headed into the custody of the CIA and eventually to the U.S. mainland. More on this story after the jump.

Dennis Rodman Retired NBA Player And …. U.S. Ambassador?

Dennis Rodman says his personal letter to Kim Jong Un played a crucial role in bringing imprisoned American Kenneth Bae back home from North Korea Check out why inside.

(Photo) Former Body Guard Of Kim Jong Il Reveals Ordered Executions Over What!!

Lee Young-Guk has revealed the painfull details of how his former leader dealt with his own native people. Claiming that he had even sent one of his officials to a concentration camp for using his personal ash tray.

(Video) NBA: Dennis Rodman Sings Happy Birthday To Kim Jong Un

As most have heard by now, Dennis Rodman is in North Korea where he is celebrating dictator Kim Jong Un’s birthday.  Rodman led a team of retired American NBA players in a game to celebrate the birthday.  A video has surfaced of Rodman singing Happy Birthday. Check it out…

(Video) NBA: Dennis Rodman Goes on Crazy, Heated Rant on CNN

Dennis Rodman is in North Korea to play an exhibition basketball game for Kim Jong Un’s birthday.  Well this morning he went on CNN for an interview with Chris Cuomo and things got a little crazy.  Check it out…

NBA: Dennis Rodman Gets Six Ex-NBAers For North Korea Exhibition Game

Dennis Rodman has a weird but close relationship with North Korean leader Kim Jong Un and has tried what he calls “basketball diplomacy” between the two nations.  Included in those efforts is an exhibition basketball game for Kim’s birthday and now we know who Rodman’s players will be.

(Video) Kim Jong Un Executed Uncle By Feeding Him To A Pack Of Hungry Dogs?!

The North Korean leader, Kim Jong Un, orchestrated the brutal murder of his uncle, Jang Song Thaek. Kim executed his former second in command, by stripping him down and throwing him into a cage with 120 starving dogs. Jang and 5 of his aides were eaten alive by a pack of dogs that were starved for five days. Kim and at least 300 officials, including his brother, watched the gruesome ordeal for an hour. To see news coverage of this story, click below.

(Video) NBA: Funny or Nah?! Dennis Rodman Stars in a Pistachio Commercial with “Kim Jong-Un”

The whole Dennis Rodman friendship with North Korean leader Kim Jong Un is strange to say the least … and now it’s turned into a pistachio commercial. Check it out & let us know if you think it’s funny or in bad taste?!

NBA: Dennis Rodman Returns From North Korea & Says “I Don’t Give a Shit” About American Hostage

The weird relationship between former NBA star Dennis Rodman and North Korean leader Kim Jong Un continues as Rodman made yet another trek.  Apparently some people were hoping Rodman would convince him to release captured American missionary Kenneth Bae but that did not happen.  Read more after the jump.

NBA: Dennis Rodman Returns to North Korea to Visit His Friend Kim Jong Un

Yes the Worm has headed back to North Korea to visit his ‘friend’ Kim Jong Un.  He landed there early this morning.  I’m sure we’ll have more stories regarding this soon. Details after the jump…

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