Chris Brown’s Baby Mama’s Ex Is Out Of Jail, But Still In Trouble

King Ba is the man who was dating Nia Guzman and thought to be the father of Royalty until it was determined Royalty was a baby Breezy. Last month, the reason he had so much money all the time became clear – he’s in the business of scamming! He was arrested for forging checks in his hometown of Houston, and later released on a $5,000 bond, with a court date for the next month. As we reported last week, Ba missed the scheduled court date, and a warrant was issued. He turned himself in the next day, and the judge raised his bail from $5,000 to $40,000 as a penalty. He paid right away (probably with his scamming money!), but then they found he had a medical marijuana card on him from Cali. The judge wasn’t having it since he’s a Texas resident, he now has to undergo 5 drug tests, and can’t leave Harris County.

Breezy’s Baby Mama’s Ex King Ba Arrested AGAIN In Check Forgery Case

Nia Guzman has made this way too easy for Chris Brown. After trying to point the finger at Chris by saying he’s dangerous and a threat for their young daughter to be around (in an attempt to gain full custody so she could get those child $upport checks), it turns out her home was a lot more dangerous! As we previously reported, Nia’s man (or ex as she claims – which is probably just a cover) King Ba was wanted in Texas for allegedly faking more than $5,000 in U.S. Treasury checks. He turned himself in and was later released on bond with a pending court date of October 15…which he apparently decided to skip out on. Unfortunately for him, cops had other plans, and found and arrested Ba (real name Mamadou Bobo Bah) this past Saturday in Houston.

Chris Brown’s BM’s Ex; King Ba Has Been Arrested [Mugshot]

This is a messy situation. Hell, even the title to this post is a ratchet one, but it’s the life that Chris Brown, his baby mother; Nia Guzman; and her ex-boyfriend, King Ba are living. However, things for Chris are beginning to work out in his favor while Nia is losing custody and child support battles in court and King Ba is, or shall we say was a wanted man. Last month, a warrant was issued for Ba’s arrest after being accused of forging $5,000 worth of U.S. Treasury checks. After hearing the news, the guy who was initially listed as the father on baby Royalty’s birth certificate, went on the run from police. Apparently, running was too much work. Ba has since turned himself into custody. Find out more don bottom.

Nia Guzman Is Fighting Just As Hard As Chris Brown; She Speaks Out Against Involvement In Criminal Activity

Just a few short months ago, Chris Brown was a regular ol’ R&B bad boy and then … BOOM … he became a father to a 9-month-old (at the time) overnight. Now, what is suppose to be a joyful time with baby Royalty, is full of court dates and social media slamming. After Guzman decided to ask the courts to order Brown to pay $15,000 in child support, the new daddy is coming into court with guns blazing. Brown is saying that Guzman doesn’t need a full $15K; why? CB is hoping to get joint custody of his daughter. His argument is simple; Guzman frequents the criminal circuit. Specifically, King Ba – the guy known as Royalty’s “other dad” – a man that is wanted for a serious bank scam. Guzman says if that’s all CB has, he’s going to loose. She opens up about the recent allegations of criminal activity. Find out more down bottom.

Chris Brown Plans To Win In Court Against His Baby Mama By Pointing Out THIS Key Factor!

Breezy is NOT playing around when it comes to his daughter, Royalty. It has been a back and forth rivalry between Chris Brown and his baby mama, Nia Guzman, for quite some time now. Although CB seems to be fulfilling his role as an active dad, Guzman is not satisfied. She’s taking him to court to 1) try to get full custody and only leave Breezy with MONITORED visitation and 2) increase his child support payments from $2,500 (which he’s paying now) to $15,000/ per MONTH.

Baby Royalty’s “Other Dad” King Ba Is A Wanted Man After Bank Scam; Chris Brown Speaks Out

Chris Brown’s baby mama has been all over the blogs lately claiming that Chris is not responsible and she doesn’t feel safe leaving their 15 month old daughter alone with him. Well, in the most recent baby mama drama Guzman’s boyfriend and back up baby daddy is a wanted man after being observed by the police running bank scams. When he heard the news, Breezy was pissed and let it be known in the comments of a popular Instagram blog. Hit the jump for all the details.

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