(Video) Tomi Lahren Compares Black Lives Matter To The KKK On The Daily Show

Tomi Lahren, the blonde conservative TV personality who became “famous” for her ignorant comments about Jay Z and Beyoncé, appeared on The Tonight Show to debate the Black Lives Matter movement with Trevor Noah last night. Tomi’s points all fell short on the show, while Trevor was clever and witty in his rebuttals. Throughout the interview, the pair discussed Obamacare, Tami compared BLM to KKK, denied her racism…it was interesting to say the least. Watch the video below (after you’ve had your coffee so you don’t get TOO stressed.)

(Photo) Donald Trump Gets Endorsed By The KKK Newspaper

Donald Trump has been endorsed by the KKK. He hasn’t really been endorsed by any major newspaper besides the NRA and the National Fraternal Order of Police.

Mike Pence Will Not Call Former Ku Klux Klan Leader David Duke “Deplorable”

GOP vice presidential nominee Mike Pence has now refused to call former KKK member ‘David Duke ‘deplorable’ due to the fact that he is not in the ‘name calling business.’ I smell BS.

(Video) David Duke KKK Leader Running For Senate in Louisiana

Former KKK leader David Duke is running for Senate.

(Video) Teen Gets Beat Up By Man Wearing A KKK Costume After Snatching Off His Hood!!

This teenager tries to stand his ground, to a man wearing a KKK “costume”. Unfortunately the kid gets hooked after his disobedience and takes a beating.

(Video) A Los Angeles Lawyers Who Wears A KKK Mask To Meetings Threatened To Lynch A Black Councilman

The things that are allowed by our country is truly sickening. A white lawyer by the name of Wayne Spindler is known for showing up to meetings in a KKK mask. Why this is allowed at business meeting is beyond me.

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