Japan Falling Into A Recession

@klassic_p Japan is at serious risk of falling into a recession due to Friday’s tragic earthquake and tsunami, according to many leading economists. But Japan could recover quickly, sparing the global economy a significant shock.

Libyan Internet Choked Out!

This weekend Libya seems to have internet trouble with Sites like YouTube and Google not getting any real traffic from the entire country…See Details. @TatWza

Thousands of Refugees pour out of Libya

The evacuation of the tens of thousands of refugees who have streamed across the Libyan border to Tunisia has stepped up dramatically. For full story watch the video after the jump. @klassic_p

(Video) Mourners Attack at a Libyan Funeral


Protesters in Kuwait take on Security Forces

@klassic_p More than 1,000 protesters clashed with security forces in Kuwait on Friday, demanding greater rights for longtime residents who are not citizens of the country. The crowd — initially 300 people before quickly growing — was attacked with water cannons.

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