Closed Mouths Don’t Get Fed: Mathew Knowles Issues BM, TaQoya Branscomb An Injunction

During her first and only interview with Inside Edition, ToQoya Branscomb announced that Mathew Knowles has been less than a father to their four-year-old daughter, Koi Knowles. After slamming the famous father of Beyonce and a recently married Solange Knowles, Branscomb released a statement into reasons why she’s not looking for attention nor fame. However, Mathew is thinking otherwise, which led him to file an injunction for the mother of one to keep her mouth shut about him and the child they created together. Hit the jump for more.

Baby Mother Blues: Mathew Knowles’ BM, TaQoya Branscomb Releases A Statement Into Opportunistic Allegations

TaQoya Branscomb has been headline news as not only the former side-piece, but the baby mother to Mathew Knowles – Beyoncé’s father. Branscomb has been all types of slandered, but that hasn’t stopped her from making media appearances with child in question, Koi Knowles as well as bragging about her child support win on social media. Despite what others have said about her, the “single mother” claims that she’s not an, “opportunist.” Branscomb states that if she wanted the spotlight based off of the Knowles’ name, she would have done it four years ago, when Koi was born. Makes sense, but still…(scratches head)…you were the side jawn. Hit the jump for more.

SMH: Mathew Knowles’ Former Mistress Taunts Him On Social Media After Winning Child Support

This is what happens when you creep on your wife and have a child with a bird. After being awarded $1500 a month in child support from her now-ex Mathew Knowles, the mother to Beyonce’s half-sister Koi Knowles had a little fun on Instagram poking fun at the situation. She made sure to hashtag Koi’s name as well. I’m still mad this illegitimate child gets to share a bloodline with Bey…and that’s NOTHING against the beautiful, innocent baby. It’s the fact that her bird-like former-lingerie-model-turned-real-estate-agent mother will continue to try to capitalize off of it for the rest of her life, and this poor kid will likely never meet her siblings, or at least have a real relationship with them.

(Photos + Video) Good Luck: The Mother Of Beyonce’s Half-Sister Wants Them To Meet

News broke recently that Beyonce‘s father Mathew Knowles had yet another illegitimate child, this one a now 4-year-old daughter named Koi Knowles. Her mother Taqoya Branscomb is currently battling Mathew for child support, and recently appeared on Inside Edition to speak about their 2010 fling. Of course she brought Koi along with her, and after making her uncomfortably sing “Single Ladies,” shared her hopes that Koi and Beyonce would one day meet. Girl, bye! I’m not even a part of the BeyHive or even a Beyonce fan much at all, but even I’m offended that they get to share the same last name. Koi’s cute though, for what it’s worth!

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