Official Cause Of Death Revealed For Chris Kelly Of Kris Kross

What was already assumed has been officially confirmed: Kris Kross’ Chris Kelly’s official cause of death was from a drug overdose. An investigator from the Fulton County Medical Examiner’s Office in Atlanta said a toxicology screening showed he died with a fatal mixture of drugs in his system, though he didn’t specify which ones. However. Chris’ own mother previously reported he’d been doing both cocaine and heroin the night before he died. RIP, Chris!

Funeral Date Set For Chris “Mac Daddy” Kelly

The funeral and final viewings for Chris Kelly, 34, who came to fame as a member of legendary rap group Kris Kross, have been set. According to Billboard the funeral services are planned for next week in Atlanta, GA. A public viewing will be held at Murray Brothers Funeral Home in Atlanta on Wednesday, May, 8th. The funeral is scheduled for Thursday at Jackson Memorial Baptist Church. Kelly was found dead earlier this week from a possible drug overdose. Hit the jump for more.

(Audio) Tragic 911 Phone Call For Kris Kross Rapper Chris Kelly

Chris Kelly, 34, formerly of rap group Kris Kross’s passing has been quite shocking to many who were just starting to see Kelly return to the limelight after having success as a child star. We obtained the audio from the 911 phone call reporting his unresponsive body. The operator walks the lady on the phone TMZ claims to be his mother through resuscitation to no avail. His mother did tell the operator that Kelly Had been partying the night before, doing cocaine and heroine. This really is just a sad moment for all those involved.

So Sad: This Is What Led Kris Kross’ Chris Kelly To Death [RIP]

The other night, it was announced the rapper Chris Kelly, “Mac Daddy,” had passed away. The reason of death? Drugs. But Chris had been clean for a while. He was on and off cocaine and heroin for the last ten years, but had recently cleaned up his act. What fueled the drug spiral? The Kris Kross reunion concert. Sources claim, “Kelly’s ego blew up … along with his wallet … and he started hanging out in clubs again, chumming up with big name Atlanta rappers. The drugs came back in full force as a result.” Kelly’s mother admitted to police that Chris had been taking speedballs (coke and heroin mixed together) Tuesday night, which was the night before his death. So sad!

(Video) Deftones Perform “Jump Jump” As A Tribute To Kris Kross’ Chris Kelly [RIP]

As a tribute to Chris Kelly, Deftones (who were huge Kris Kross fans) performed “Jump Jump” at their concert. Check out the footage after the jump!

Jermaine Dupri Issues Statement On Chris “Mac Daddy” Kelly

Like the rest of the hip-hop community, Jermaine Dupri was devastated to learn of the loss of Kriss Kross’ Chris Kelly late last night. This hit home even more so for JD, however, as he’s the one who discovered Chris so many years ago. Check out his heartfelt statement below. RIP, Chris!

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