(Photos) The Kardashian-Jenner Family Gathered Together And Posted Lots Of Pics Of ‘Koko’s Kitchen’

This year has been a crazy ride for the Kardashian-Jenner group and though it all played out in front of us, the blended family gathered together to celebrate and give thanks.

Update! Kylie Jenner & Tyga Split – “It’s Something He Did..”

Rumors have been running rampid today about Kylie Jenner & Tyga breaking up and now it has officially been confirmed. Read the full story about what happened below.

(Photo) Blac Chyna Shows Off Her New Future Tattoo

Well, it looks like things are moving pretty fast for Blac Chyna & Future. Not too long ago Tyga was getting the side eye for tattooing Kylie’s name, but looks like Blac Chyna has joined the wave & wants the world to know she has moved on as well. Check out the new tattoo for her new love, Future! Or was it to Shade Ciara’s Birthday?

(Photo) Jaden Smith Makes Out With His Older Girlfriend At Fashion Week

Things got heated in the Gypsy Sports Spring 2016 Fashion show and we’re not just talking about the new outfits. Jaden Smith was seen locking lips with a hot older girl. New girlfriend Sarah Snyder was as stunning as ever sitting front row with Jaden.

(Video) PDA Alert! Kylie Jenner Finally Kisses Tyga Publicly

Kylie Jenner and Tyga have one of the most controversial relationships we’ve seen thus far – ranging from his baby mama issues to legal troubles due to Kylie’s age (before she was legal). The funny thing about Kyga’s relationship is that although we know they are together, we’ve never really seen them kiss in public; just a few hand holding pictures but that’s about it. During NYFW, Kylie and Tyga were sitting front row at Alexander Wang’s fashion show when she took to her SnapChat to give T-Raww some kisses on the mouth. I’m going to say this is the first public kiss we’ve seen from these two, although it looks more like a lot of lip biting but that’s neither here nor there. Watch the video below. Are we feelin’ Kylie and Tyga together?

(Photo) Khloe & Kourtney Take New York!

There are 5 sister all together, but when you mix them together they all have different chemistry’s. Kendall & Kylie have a motherly bond when they get with Khloe, Kourtney and Kim have this chic older sister bond when they get together. When Khloe and Kourtney get together however, things seem to get WILD! Kris Jenner says there is a special announcement coming up on this weeks KUWTK what could it be?

OH.. So THIS Is How Tyga Was Able To Afford Kylie’s Expensive $320K Ferrari!

A lot of people have been questioning Tyga’s finances lately ever since he balled out and bought his lady friend Kylie Jenner a brand new $320,000 Ferrari for her 18th birthday. Aside from having a cameo in the film “Dope” and a new reality TV show on MTV2, it seems that T-Raww has more business deals in the works that we are unaware of. Being that the rumor mill was spinning of speculations that Tyga is apparently having some financial issues as of late, it seemed rather odd that he would drop such serious dough on a gift for his girlfriend. However, it all makes sense because he just inked a deal with Tunes Audio for $10 million dollars!

(Photos) Finally Legal: Kylie Jenner & Tyga Get Wet Together In St. Barts & Show Some P.D.A.

Looks like Tyga can dive right on in without any worries in the world at this point (ha ha ha). The 25-year-old rapper headed to St. Barts along with his LEGAL girlfriend, Kylie Jenner, and the rest of the Kardashian/Jenner clan. The couple was spotted going flyboarding in the Caribbean ocean, getting very cozy with one another. More photos also surfaced of the two kissing and holding hands (with a nice view of Kylie’s 18-year-old booty all in the camera). Now since there are no more possible legal troubles behind their relationship, I’m assuming we can expect to see large amounts of P.D.A. from these two from now on. Is this sex tape coming yet though orrrrrr…. LOL. Head to the gallery to see T-Raww x King Kylie getting lovey dovey with each other!

Shadyville: Rob Kardashian Acts Weird On Instagram On Kylie’s 18th Birthday

Rob Kardashian has been MIA for the longest now – from what sources reveal is due to his massive weight gain. However last night out of nowhere (after deleting every photo on his Instagram and starting fresh), Rob made his grand appearance back onto the ‘Gram just in time for his little sister Kylie Jenner’s highly anticipated 18th birthday.

At Last…. Happy 18th Birthday, Kylie Jenner!

We’ve watched the Kardashian-Jenner clan grow throughout the years via reality TV and social media, documenting the different stages of their lives. As for the youngest of the group, out of nowhere – Kylie became this curvy, gorgeous young woman. The only problem is, she wasn’t even 18 yet so we all feel like creeps lusting over her. WELP FOLKS, the time has come…. KYLIE IS OFFICIALLY LEGAL TODAY! I can only imagine how excited Tyga is about this (since now “technically” people can’t gun him for dating a minor anymore). No wonder he went all out and copped his PYT a brand new whip. for her born day Just to celebrate the fact that Kylie is now officially old enough to be looked at, enjoy some sexy photos of the 18-year-old in the gallery.

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