(Photo) Kourtney Fans Attack Scott’s Ex Girlfriend

So , recently a few of the K dolls have been having boy trouble, including still scorned Khloe, and Kylie now that Tyga is all over the place. Kourtney left Scott ,also known as Lord Disick after she was finally fed up with his cheating and partying ways. Well rumor has it that he cheated with his ex girlfriend Chloe Bartoli. The Kardashian fans didn’t take long to swarm her instagram page. Check out the gallery

SHADE: Tyga Pulls A Beyonce Move & VH1 Puts Him On BLAST!

From the looks of it, it seems like Tyga wanted to get in touch with his inner Beyonce and pull the move of releasing an album without any promo. However, it seems like VH1 couldn’t help but throw some shade at the rapper. Tyga released his new album “The Gold Album: 18th Dynasty” via Spotify with the intent to “shock the world” but unfortunately, he received some serious backlash and harsh critiques of his new piece of work. They took to their official Twitter page saying, “Tyga pulls a ‘Beyonce’ + the only reason we know (or care) is because Kylie told us” with a link to their story. I guess whoever writes the articles for VH1 has some sort of personal beef with Tyga or just flat out doesn’t rock with him because that article is just screaming “shade” all over it. However, when going to check to see if the article is still up, it seems to be deleted now. Maybe the good folks over at VH1 realized they went a little too hard on T-Raww. Have you listened to Tyga’s new album? If so, drop your comments below and let us know how it is.

(Photo) Chris Brown Upsets His Friend Kylie

Chris Brown upsets his friend Kylie Jenner by putting up a instagram post related to the Bruce Jenner incident. With all the support this family can get the last thing any of the Kardashian sisters need is to have a so called friend making fun of their father. Check out the screen shots of Kylie as she comments back to Chris Brown.

(Photo) Was Kylie Sipping On Lean ?

Word on the street is they spotted Kylie sipping on lean. Was she? or could that have been anything , but what? “Lean” is the street term for the mix of the drug promethezyne amd sprite, usually contained inside of a sprite bottle. The fact that sprite is a clear drink and the mix makes it a darker color is usually a dead give away when you see people carrying it. Check out the pics of the alleged Kylie sipping on lean.

(Photo) Bruce Jenner Vanity Fair Cover Coming Soon

YUP! It has been confirmed, Bruce Jenner Vanity Fair cover coming soon. If you’re wondering what we are all wondering, the answer is yes. Bruce will pose for the cover of the famous Vanity Fair magazine as a woman. The world has heard his side of the story and see how much love and support Bruce Jenner has with the exception of young Kylie who is still coping with the situation. Are we ready to see Brucey as a woman ?

(Video) Kylie & Kendall Get Boo’d At The Awards

Rumor has it, Kylie & Kendall get Boo’d at the awards! Others ask if the boo’s were actually directed at Kanye West because they knew that’s who the Jenner sisters were introducing next. The world buzzed immediately after the awards about how rude certain people in the Billboard Awards were being to the young models. Check out the video to see if you can make out whether its faint cheering or if you can hear Kylie & Kendall get Boo’d .

(Photos) Loovveeeee: Tyga Praises His Boo Kylie Jenner On Instagram!

From the looks of it, Tyga has stopped giving all types of f*cks that his girlfriend is still 17 and that their relationship is still illegal. The two are apparently so in love that he just wants to show her off to the world! Tyga took to his Instagram account where he posted a picture of his under-aged bae flossin’ at the 2015 Billboard Music Awards with a caption that reads, “Tha Koolest #Balmainnnnnin.” Despite the age difference, Kylie and Tyga seem to be one of the happiest couples in the industry. Hopefully the politics of the game don’t break up whatever they have going on! Check out the pics over in the gallery of Kylie looking extra thick and lusty at last night’s award show. Just remember, August is right around the corner. Three more months until Kylie is finally legal!

(Photos) Blac Chyna Calls For A Truce With Tyga!

Whenever your relationships/break-ups go public, I guess it is a celebrities job to keep it there? Blac Chyna recently took to Twitter to forgive and call a truce with her ex, Tyga. Click more to read the tweets!

(Photo) Tyga Refuses To Perform Without Kylie

According to TMZ, California State University told Tyga that he could not bring Kylie to his performance because the event was 18 and over.This did not sit very well with Tyga.Knowing that they would be left without a performer Tyga brought Kylie anyway.This is not the first time Tyga refuses to perform without Kylie.

(Photo) Bad Girl Natalie Nunn Shading Blac Chyna ?

You may remember Natalie Nunn for her Bad Girls Club legacy and always voicing her opinion. Is Bad Girl Natalie Nunn Shading Blac Chyna ? It was said that she made a comment about Blac Chyna’s merchandise being sold on groupon asking about the coupon deals. She also posted a picture of Kylie saying how cute she is . Is Natalie Nunn team Kylie?

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