(Photos) OOPS! Lady Gaga Has A Wardrobe Malfunction Exposing Too Much Boob!


Lady Gaga accidently flashed her boobies and her tattoos while in the back seat of a car in New York over the weekend. Once she noticed that her bare breast was out in the open, she hurried up and used her hands to cover herself up as she changed out of her baby blue dress. It is believed that she was filming for American Horror Story season 5 but no one knows for sure.
Check out the photos in the gallery…

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(Video) Twitter Rips News Anchor Apology for #JigabooMusic Comment

News Anchor Ripped for Jigaboo Music Apology

Well, well, well. How many days can we go without a viral clip of people in positions of power recklessly spewing racist comments??? Apparently not too many as Kristi Capel of FOX News 8 in Cleveland, Ohio has quickly learned the error of public ignorance. The inter-web is in a bunch of feels about her derogatory reference of–ironically–Lady GaGa’s choice of sounds, and post-apology is still not getting off easy. Twitter Rips News Anchor Apology for #JigabooMusic Comment!

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Congrats! Lady Gaga Gets Engaged To Taylor Kinney


Entertainer Lady Gaga and her actor boyfriend Taylor Kinney are set to tie the knot! He proposed on Valentine’s Day with a huge heart-shaped diamond ring and as you would expect, Gaga said yes!

“He gave me his heart on Valentine’s Day, and I said YES!” she captioned the photo of her gigantic new rock via her Instagram. She was spotted out and about two days after Valentine’s Day sporting a huge purple fur coat and grinning from ear-to-ear but she had her finger covered up. WELP, now we know why! The two love birds met for the first time on the set of her “You & I” video back in 2011. The two broke up after for a short period of time and got back together. Absolutely adorable. We wish these two the best of luck for the future! Wedding deets on the way, just wait on it.

Check out Gaga’s engagement ring over in the gallery. That is a LARGEEEEEE!

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(Photos) Madonna Squashes Lady Gaga Beef as Album Leaks

Madonna Squashes Gaga Beef

Recovering from what she’s called a a major violation and crime against her artistry, Madonna Squashes Lady Gaga Beef as Album Leaks but it seems recovery can’t get on the right path. More tracks continue to recklessly drop keeping the social net in a buzz, but the latest has to do with the song “Two Steps Behind Me,” alleged as the ‘diss track’ which fans and critics swore up and down was to the “Queen Monster” straight #subs…

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(Fellas Check The Pics) Lady Gaga Shows Off Her Boobs In See-Through Top!


Entertainer extraordinaire Lady Gaga stepped out with a semi see-through nude tank top on and a black skirt with her boobs on full display! Check out the sexy “I Was Born This Way” singer strutting her stuff over in the gallery!

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(Fellas Check The Pics) EXPOSED: Lady Gaga Has Her WHOLE Chest Out On-Stage!

_Lady Gaga

Lady Gaga recently put on a show in Milan and as always, she had her boobs and a*s hanging ALL the way out. She decided to do a costume change in front of the entire crowd with zero f*cks given. Check out her exposed chest in the gallery!

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(Fellas Check The Pics) Oo La La! Lady Gaga Lets Her Girls Hang ALL The Way Out!


Lady Gaga was spotted out and about at the Soho Hotel in London where she was sporting a super tight white dress with her cleavage on TILT. Peep her girls popping out of her dress below.

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(Fellas Check The Pics) Hold Up, Hold Up: Lady Gaga Shows Out With Her Chunky Cake On Full Display!


Lady Gaga headed overseas to perform at the The O2 in London where she showed her booty off in a bunch of risque outfits. See for yourself in the gallery!

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(Photos) A$$ed Out! Lady Gaga Parades Around Pant Less After Performance In Germany

IFWT_Lady Gaga

Lady Gaga definitely has zero chill. The attention garnering artist known for her racy and risqué envelope pushing get ups performed at Hamburg’s O2 World in Germany on Friday, and decided to go bare assed upon leaving the venue. Shrugs. See racy pic of Gaga “airing” herself out, donning on a T-shirt, black fishnets, and pumps inside.

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Madonna Goes OFF On Lady Gaga In Leaked Lyrics

Madonna and Lady Gaga

Meow! The claws are definitely out between Madonna and Lady Gaga. Recently, Madonna leaked lyrics to her new song “Two Steps Behind Me,” and you know who isn’t going to be feeling it? You guessed it! Lady Gaga. 56-year-old singer describes Gaga as a ‘copycat!’

Madonna wrote a song “You’re a copycat, Where is my royalty? You’re a pretty girl, I’ll give you that. But stealing my recipe, it’s an ugly look,” Madonna sings in her new song.

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