Sports: Kate Hudson Breaks Her Silence and Goes At Exes Lance Armstrong & Alex Rodriguez

It’s been a long time, but Kate Hudson is finally breaking her silence about the scandals surrounding her ex-boyfriends Lance Armstrong & Alex Rodriguez.  She talked about it in a recent interview with InStyle magazine. Check out what she had to say…

Sports: Wait, What? Ashley Olsen Once Dated Which Athlete?!

Well this is different.  In a new tell-all book it’s been revealed that a certain disgraced athlete had a secret relationship with a much-younger woman – Ashley Olsen.  I just can’t see these two together.  Check out who it is…

Sports: Lance Armstrong Allegedly Paid Rival $100K to Throw Race With $1 Million Prize

World renowned cyclist Lance Armstrong was disgraced and stripped of his seven Tour de France wins after he was found guilty of doping.  Since then more information has slowly come out involving Armstrong and the other infractions that occurred during his time as a cyclist.

Sports: GROSS! Urine Thrown At Cyclist at the Tour de France; Lance Armstrong Reacts

This is just disgusting.  What is wrong with people?!  What would make you want to throw pee at a person?! SMH. Someone allegedly threw urine at cycling champion Mark Cavendish during time trials at the Tour de France today.  C’mon people, you’re better than this … aren’t you?! Find out what happened along with Lance Armstrong’s interesting reaction to the report…

Sports:(Video) Charlie Sheen Calls Lance Armstrong A “Douche”

You know you have fallen way down the popularity food chain when your being called a “douche” by Charlie Sheen. And in all honesty, being called that is pretty soft compared to some of the words that should be used to describe Lance Armstrong. I would quote Charlie but I am sure you would rather hear it from his mouth. Watch the video after the jump when Jay Leno asks him about it.

The Truth Shall Set You Free…& Get You Sued?!?!

Guess what Lance Armstrong is Being sued for? Hit the Jump for the full story.

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