(Video) Google Might Have Created The Greatest Lightsaber Star Wars Desktop Game In History

I don’t know if it’s because I’m such a “Star Wars” geek, or a Techie that’s really digging the way this game is set up! So in the theme that is running the world, at least until Friday when the movie(aka life changing event), Google put together an on-line Lightsaber gaming experience that even a ‘non-fan'(like that exists) can enjoy!! Hit the jump for a brief description and the link to play it!!!

(Video) Woman Gives New Meaning To Laptop ‘Snatcher’

I mean if you’re going to take advantage of men that don’t pay women any mind, this is the best way to do it!

(Video) Surface Pro 3, A Real Tablet Replacement For Your Laptop!!!

Microsoft introduced the Surface Pro 3 today, Panos Panay, corporate vice president says this will take away the conflict of choosing a laptop or a tablet. “The Intel Core-powered tablet measures 0.36 inches thick, boasts a 12-inch screen and weighs just under 2 pounds.” The tablet will be available for pre-order on Wednesday with a starting price of $799.

(Photos) Uh Oh! Lindsay Lohan’s Laptop Has Been Stolen In China…. & She’s Offering A Reward!

Lindsay Lohan is panicking HARD after her laptop was stolen in China at an airport. Could she have some incriminating evidence on her computer she doesn’t want us to know about? The actress was overseas to accept the Sohu Fashion Achievement Award on January 6th and was spotted out partying in the clubs over there. LiLo took to her Twitter account to beg her followers for help in the search for her computer but she deleted the tweets shortly after. Check them out in the gallery.

(Video) Caught On Tape: Girl Gets Robbed & Sexually Attacked While Passed Out On Train

It doesn’t matter that this happened in another country, it’s unacceptable no matter what!

HP Turns To THIS OS For Its New SlateBook X2!!!

Hewlett-Packard for the second time has enlisted Android as its Operating System this time for its new laptop/tablet called SlateBook X2. The device has a detachable 10 inch screen that allows customers to use the device as a tablet.

Gesture Control Coming To HP Computers

Leap Motion’s controls will be built into some of HP computers starting this summer. HP and Leap Motion announced this week that two will be partnering up and will release first set of gesture controlled PCs in May.

Sega Releases Retro Laptops

  The days of Sega being apart of the console world maybe over, but the company is trying to keep themselve alive with new braded laptops. The laptops are available  through online retailer ebten. Each laptop has their own branded theme though the Sega timeline, customers have the option of the Dreamcast, Sega Drive , Sega Saturn and Sega System or as the site has them listed  Light, Standard, High Spec, and Premium. The price range for the branded laptop go from $1000 to $2000.  At the moment the laptops are only available to Japan hopfully they can make their way State side soon. Check them out after the break  

(Photo) Ryan Leslie Releases “Black Mozart” Artwork

After losing his laptop and paying that large lump sum for it’s safety return, Ryan Leslie had to do his whole EP over again. “Black Mozart,” will be released April 16th and he’s already dropped the artwork. Check out the gallery.

FAA May Allow Electronics During Take Off & Landing

Well its been 20 years now that we still can’t prove if electronics effect the take off and landing of a flight. What has been a cautious topic, can now be suppressed with a ton of tests and data that prove otherwise. The chairman of the FCC has reached out to the head of the FAA regarding the issue. Definitely agree with how he feels, what you think? Hit the jump… Tat Wza

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