NBA: Larry Johnson Settles Child Support Issue By Handing Over His House & More to Baby Mother

Former NBA superstar Larry Johnson was nearly a million bucks in the hole with one of his babymothers  but he found a way to make her happy, by handing over the keys to a house!

No One Man Should Have All That POWER: 50 Cent Is Getting Sued…Again!

50 Cent is getting sued once again because a man is claiming Fif jacked him for his Power storyline! A man named Larry Johnson claims he wrote a manuscript back in 2005 called “Trials of a Ghetto Kid” which he says he then sent to Nikki Turner – a woman who was employed at Fif’s G-Unit Books. Although the book was published somewhere else, he thinks that Nikki showed 50 the manuscript and he decided to run with it.

NBA: Larry Johnson’s Baby Mother Says He Stashed $26 Million & She Wants $11K/ Month in Child Support!

In March, I reported that former NBA star Larry Johnson had filed for bankruptcy and reportedly owed  more than $120,000 to four different baby mothers in back child support.  Well according to one of those four women, Johnson isn’t broke at all because he actually stashed $26 million in a private account years ago!

NBA: Welp Larry Johnson Files For Bankruptcy, Owes Child Support to 4 Different Women!

Former NBA star Larry Johnson is in quite some trouble because he has been accused of being a deadbeat dad by FOUR different women at the same time.

NFL: Top Miami Nightclubs Including Liv, Mansion & More All BANNED Larry Johnson!

You might think that the top clubs in Miami all banned Larry Johnson because of his recent arrest and brawl but it turns out they banned him before that and here’s why.

(Warning Graphic Photos!) NFL: Bloody Gash After Larry Johnson Allegedly Sliced Up Man With Broken Glass!

Former NFL star Larry Johnson was arrested for attacking a man inside the Delano Hotel and now we have the graphic images!  Johnson reportedly punched the man repeatedly and attacked him with a broken bottle.  Well the bottle caused some serious damage, check it out.

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