(Video) The CIA Torture Program Will Have To Answer For Their Actions

Two psychologist are being accused of orchestrating harsh interrogation techniques, which permitted and oversaw methods inculding waterboarding, forced nudity, and prolonged sleep deprivation.

(Video) Let’s See Taylor Swift Shake This Off: $42 Million Lawsuit, R&B Artist Claimed To Be Ripped Off

Well the song does say haters gonna hate, hate, hate, hate, hate but she never mentioned how suer’s gonna sue sue sue sue sue, probably cause she never seen this one coming. R&B artist Jesse Graham filed a $42 million lawsuit this week against the Grammy-winning Taylor Swift — after his request for a selfie with the singer was denied — claiming that her hit “Shake It Off” rips off a key phrase from a song he wrote back in 2013 called “Haters Gone Hate”. Hit the jump and compare the songs, you be the judge for this one.

(Photos) Update:Turk From Hot Boys Joins Lil Wayne In Suing Birdman; Explains Why

It’s Turk’s time wodie, and he’s done waiting for answers. He’s demanding them now!

(Video) Youtuber Sued For Copyright Infringement To The ‘Tune’ Of $150K Per Song

As an average youtuber, you will more than likely not get sued, but this case of Michelle Phan, the youtuber that got fame from sharing make up tips, even in the youtube commercials on TV, is a bit different than average, so she is getting sued.

Another Law Suit After The Announcement Apple/Beats Deal

They’re coming out of the wood work now, especially after bolstering of the ‘1st Hip Hop Billionaire’, and word that Dre and Jimmy may be Apple execs, law suits are being filed!

Pitbull Files Law Suit Against E. & J. Winery & New Amsterdam Spirits Company!

Miami native Pitbull, has filed a suit against the E. & J. Winery And New Amsterdam Spirits, after the liquor began promoting a recipe titled ‘The Pit Bull’. Pitbull endorsing his own brand of Vodka ‘Voli’, is not standing for any imitation!

Lindsay Lohan Wins BIG In Law Suit, Will No Longer Have To Speak Publicly Of Miscarriage

Lindsay Lohan seems to have a big weight lifted off of her shoulder, as the actress has won $150,000 in her recent lawsuit settlement against a clothing company. But it doesn’t end there!

Here We Go! Beats Getting Sued Over Apple Deal Already!!

Not even fully inked and already someone is coming after Beats for some guappo, but not for nothing, they may very well have a case!

YouTube Co-Founder Chad Hurley Tells Kimye To ‘Go That Way’ With Law Suit

The once Co-owner of YouTube(Why He’s a Billionaire), and now owner of MixBit video app, has filed his own paper work saying the paper he signed was about consent for him to be on TV, and NO ONE told him he couldn’t take video and use it after.

Here’s Why Youtube Co-Founder Uploaded Video Of Kanye’s Proposal?!

Ok so by now you’ve seen/heard about Kimye’s engagement, and you might have heard about yeezy suing the guy that uploaded video of that event. Well that guy is Chad Hurley, co-founder of youtube, but more interesting the founder of Mixbit, a new video edit/social platform.

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