Tech Talk Leak: The New Blackberry Curve “Apollo”

OK you know the drill, here is some leaked pics and video of RIM newest curve, and don’t worry about what they are saying(in Vietnamese), just check out how well the Curve with touch moves(in video) after the Jump! @TatWZA

Tech Talk Leak/Rumor Is: New iPod Nano Has Camera!?

I use a slash(/) in the Title when a pece of tech has more then 1 definition, and this item is just like that, I’ts a Leak, but it’s an unconfirmed leak, so the Rumor Is it will have a camera, Hit the Jump and let us Know what you think! @TatWZA

New Windows 8 Leaks!!!

You know we love to show a good Leak, But I’m not sure this is a Good Leak, Let Me know what you think about the video after the Jump, and generally how you feel about Windows. @TatWza

Blackberry Curve Touchscreen Leak!!

And yet another BB has leaked showing the line is coming soon, and with Blackberry World right around the corner(next month), but hit the jump for more the pic! @TatWza

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