(Photos) Display For 5.5″ iPhone 6 Leaks!!!

There was a mockup aka Dummy 5.5″ iPhone, but this is the real display part that will used in the production of the new line!!

NBA Jokes: LeBron James’ Texts From Drake, Michael Jordan & More Leak After Losing NBA Finals!

Damn, cold world!  No mercy for LeBron James after the Heat lost to the Spurs last night in game 5 of the NBA Finals. It’s over for Bron & fans are letting him have it.  These are not real texts, but whoever created this … is pretty damn funny. Check out these texts from Drake, Chris Bosh, Michael Jordan, Delonte West & more after LeBron took  that L…

50 Cent Gets Video Vixen, Sally Ferreira Blacklisted & Now…She’s Suing!

Oh boy! Last month, 50 Cent was working on a visual for his Animal Ambition release and cast a gorgeous video vixen to play lead – she fouled up. Sally Ferreira posted pictures of the two on set, selling a boyfriend/girlfriend story to certain media – all lies! 50 put the female on blast and announced that no one should work with her. Looks like some people took heed. Ferreira has now filed a lawsuit for defamation against Fif. She says he got her blacklisted. Are we all thinking that she did it to herself? Can we say CONFIDENTIALITY? Drop down bottom for more.

(Photos) More Proof Of The iPhone 6’s Size!!!

This is almost a real thirsty move, except we are all really thirsty for the newest iPhone, so let’s carry on!

(Photos) Another iPhone 6 Case Leaks Showing New Button Set Up?!?

Rumor and conjecture are running on the iPhone circuit right now, so it’s hard to figure out what is pertinent information, and what is just thrown out there due to the hype! Well this case could be hype, but it has some interesting information, if it’s not hype???

Nas Admits To Leaking ‘Illmatic’ Before It Came Out!

In an interview with RevoltTV, Nas unveiled that he had a part in leaking his classic album ‘Illmatic’. The 10 track album, was pushed out quickly because of the leak, and Nas has admitted that although unintentionally he did have parts in the early release. Check out his full response below.

(Video) MMA: Scene From Entourage Movie Leaks Featuring Ronda Rousey

By now you’ve probably heard about the numerous athletes that will appear in the movie Entourage.  Well a scene from the movie has leaked and it features MMA/UFC star Ronda Rousey. Check it out…

(Photo) Here We Go!!! Pic Of iPhone 6 At Factory Leaks!!!

These are the Posts I live for!! All I know is they’re testing the iPhone out, not much else to say but check it out and tell me what you think!!

(Photos) Apple Schematic Leaks! And The Size Of The iPhone 6 IS….

Exciting for all of those of you(like me) whom really have their eye out for anything relevant on the new iPhone! Now there have been hopes of an iPhone Air, although a case leak kinda put that to rest, but now with a spec leak…it’s all but confirmed!

(18+PHOTOS) NFL: Terrell Owens Estranged Wife’s Nude Pictures Leak!!!

Awww man, this situation just gets worse and worse.  Terrell Owens’ wife of a couple days, Rachel Snider, has just had her nude photos leak online!  She confirms that the pics are hers and take a guess at who she’s blaming?!  She said that TO is the only one that had these naked pics and thinks they leaked on Twitter through an account that is associated with TO. Welp, this divorce just got more fun.  Enjoy fellas!

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