(Video) Teacher Led School Field Trip To A Sex Shop

Parents of students at a small Minneapolis private school are livid at the school’s director after she led a school field trip to a sex shop.

(Video) Stagehand Sues Swedish House Mafia For LED Screen Falling & Crushing Him At ULTRA

A guy working for Swedish House Mafia is suing the group for a situation that happened nearly a year ago! Stagehand Joseph Green says he was setting up the stage for SHM’s performance at the Ultra Music Festival in Miami and a massive LED screen fell from above, hurting him. Green claims the screen clearly wasn’t mounted correctly and says it messed him up something bad. He says he’s, “disfigured and has suffered really bad mental anguish.”

LG Announces Google Partnership

Especially around this time of year, Smart TV’s have almost retired the traditional TV. Samsung has been on a run picking up companies to integrate with along the way, and have definitely made a name for themselves in that market. However, it looks like another major-manufacturer will be giving them a run for their money! Jump for story and details of pic above!! Tat Wza

A Freerun Through Bangkok Covered In LEDs (Video)

Jason, Shaun & Anan from Frankfurt, Sydney & Bangkok are Freerunners. Turning the world into their own personal video game land, they use their acrobatic techniques to flip, twist and turn causing a CRAZY LED show. A designer from Germany was flown in to develope suits that would be able to withstand the vigorous pulls and pushes of  their moves. Seems like they nailed it. Video after the jump Tat Wza

Tech Talk Gadget: Sharp Launches “World’s Largest LED”!! How Big Is It? (Pause)

Is this TV overkill? The screen is longer than me. Check out the size of the Sharp LED after the jump. ShottaDru X TatWza

(Video) Tech Talk Enhancement: eReading In The Dark Is Now A Go!!!!

This has been a problem that has wreaked the eReader industry since it became an industry, but it may just be done with that issue, FLEx Lighting has developed a thin film that when applied to an eReader, You can read in the Dark, hit the Jump! +TatWZA

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