(Photos) Chief Keef Involved In Chicago Shooting; Victim Currently In ICU

This is just sad. You can give someone all the opportunities and money in the world, but if they don’t WANT to leave their previous lifestyle, they won’t. That’s the reason Stack Bundles isn’t here with us now! (Though his situation wasn’t criminal-related like Chief Keef, he just didn’t want to leave the projects.) A shooting early this morning in Chicago has one person currently in the ICU, and Chief Keef was not only confirmed as present, but he may have implicated himself with posts on Instagram. Hours before the shootout occured, Keef took to his IG to share various photos of himself and a friend, holding AK-47s and other guns. As of now, Keef’s lawyer says Keef wasn’t the shooter and that he “just happened to be present” when shots were fired. This doesn’t leave him from trouble, though! He’s currently on probation so this is definitely going to be a huge issue. We’ll keep you updated!

Rick Ross Wins Big In Court….Against Rick Ross

The lawsuit that has been going on for years has finally come to an end! (Though I could have sworn this issue was put to bed already…but whatevz!) The rapper Rick Ross won in court against the drug lord Rick Ross (aka Freeway Ricky Ross), who had filed suit in 2010 for copyright infringement (I’m typing that in my Nicki Minaj voice from “Get Silly.”) The judge residing on the case, Judge Roger Boren, ruled that Rozay was protected under the first amendment. “We recognize that Roberts’ work — his music and persona as a rap musician — relies to some extent on plaintiff’s name and persona,” Judge Boren said. “Roberts chose to use the name ‘Rick Ross.’ He raps about trafficking in cocaine and brags about his wealth. These were ‘raw materials’ from which Roberts’ music career was synthesized. But these are not the ‘very sum and substance’ of Roberts’ work.” Aka…Rozay lies in his songs, so it’s fine. LOL!

(Photos) #SelfiesGoneWrong: Florida GOON Charged With 142 Felonies Thanks To His Instagram Page

Poor Dupree Johnson. The 19-year-old was clearly an avid Instagram user, but he’ll never get to experience the joy of today’s new DM feature….since he’ll be behind bars for quite some time due to pure STUPIDITY. Dupree already had quite a record with things like grand theft, burglary and felony possession of a firearm, so when a Palm Beach Country sheriff came across his Instagram page, he decided to dig a little deeper and check it out. All the guns and jewelry that were clear as day to see (check out the gallery) were enough for him to head straight to a judge and secure a search warrant ASAP, no Rocky. I’m sure you can guess what happened next. Deputies discovered a Glock, a stolen and loaded Tec-9 9mm pistol, and a staggering $250k worth of stolen jewelry, electronics and guns. Police believe he may be one of several people responsible for as many as 40 burglaries in the area. Dupree has officially been charged with 142 felony counts of being in possession of a weapon or ammo, and is currently behind bars with a now-defunct Instagram page. Oh, and a fabulous gem: When police were filling out the arrest report and asked him for his occupation, he replied “thief.” BYE, sir!

RiFF Raff Gets Drug Charges Dismissed In North Carolina

Back in August, RiFF Raff was arrested in Greensboro, NC when cops stopped his vehicle at 2:30am and found weed, drug paraphernalia and an open container of alcohol. Today was the rapper’s lucky day, though, as the D.A. on the case felt they didn’t have enough evidence for a conviction, and dismissed the case entirely. Merry Christmas!

SMH: 5 Guns Found In The House Of George Zimmerman’s Ex-Girlfriend

Last week, Trayvon Martin’s killer George Zimmerman was arrested for threatening his now ex-girlfriend Samantha Sheibe with a shotgun. He was later released on a $9000 bond, but new court documents show that a thorough search of Samantha’s house turned up FIVE guns, including an AR-15, three handguns, a 12-gauge shotgun, a rifle and 106 rounds of ammunition. As part of Zimmerman’s bail, he’s not allowed to possess any weapons. Though he’ll likely deny ownership of the guns, he was still living with Samantha, so this will likely be a problem. He is expected back in court on Jan. 7, and his current whereabouts are unknown. They really need to lock this man up and throw away the key!

Dr. Dre Threatens Website With Lawsuit After They Allege He Cheated On His Wife

A website by the name of TheDirty.com recently posted a story that Dr. Dre cheated on his longtime wife, even including in photos of the house they allegedly had their rendezvous at, as well as a ring he allegedly bought the mistress (a model by the name of Kili Anderson.) Dre’s team has sent a cease and desist letter (available to see below), demanding the posts be removed and an apology issued because it’s all a lie, or he’ll be seeking legal action. So far, the site doesn’t appear to be backing down. Let’s see what comes from this!

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