WNBA: Candace Wiggins Says 98% of WNBA is Gay & She Was Bullied for Being Straight

Society often thinks of WNBA players as butch lesbians, so when a player like Skylar Diggins or Candace Parker comes along, they are catapulted in celebrity, getting more attention, endorsements etc.  Those ladies also happen to be GREAT basketball players, but even if they weren’t it wouldn’t really matter.  Candace Wiggins is a more “feminine” basketball player as well, but she says her feminity and heterosexuality, led to her being bullied and mistreated in the league.

(Photo) Study Shows All Woman Are Either Gay Or Bisexual

Men are trying so hard to figure the ladies out. They have recently made a discovery that is actually pretty interesting. Not so sure about factual though.

(Photos) Dej Loaf’s Girlfriend Comes Forward; Says Her Relationship With Lil Durk Is FAKE!!


We jus reported about Dej Loafs new found romance with Chicago rapper Lil Durk’s, but turns out it may all be a hoax! Deja Loaf’s girlfriend, yes GIRLFRIEND, has come forward to say she and the “Try Me” rapper were just together over the weekend. From the looks of things, she may be telling the truth . . . Find out more after the jump!

(Video+Photos) “National Coming Out Day” Is Real, And It’s Being Celebrated Today!

National Coming Out Day is a day recognized by the LGBT community in celebration of coming out of the closet so that they can live truthfully and openly. In recent years, many celebrities celebrate this day and share their stories of coming out with fans to encourage them to do the same. Learn more about the celebration after the jump!

(Photo) Boy Scouts Lift Ban On Gay Leaders For Good !!

Twenty two years ago, David Knapp was removed of the Boy Scouts of America because he was gay. As of this week he is able to rejoin and be eligible to become a Boy Scout Leader. I’m not sure if after all this time he is still interested in taking on the role but there are a lot of people happy to have the discriminating ban of such a wholesome organization lifted. The restriction on openly Gay leaders and employees has officially been removed.

UFC: Ronda Rousey Addresses The Lesbian Rumors

Because of her profession and high profile, Ronda Rousey still gets asked a lot about her sexuality because people make assumptions. She emphatically states that she is not a lesbian. She even goes as far as to try and prove it by talking about her profession as a UFC fighter.

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