FAKING ORGASMS: Women do it all the time! But do you know the signs??

What You Need To Know It’s the screamers and the thrashers who are very often the fakers. Pacing of breath, body temperature and muscle tension all indicate a state of orgasm. Women fake orgasms for reasons like stress, performance anxiety and body-image issues.

“Lots of women are faking it – and getting away with it. “

I’ve always heard, “Women fake orgasms because men fake foreplay!”. I personally think that statement holds a LOT of truth, but find out the experts signs that a woman is faking it below! @iBLONDEgenius

Top 10 Beaches to Have Sex On!!

  Sex on a beach is the ultimate fantasy for most couples looking to get away from it all and get off at the same time; but those who engage in sandy shenanigans risk getting caught, getting dirty and getting crabs (the crustacean kind) instead of an orgasm. Seclusion, cleanliness and the romance factor should all be taken into consideration before you get sand in places you never knew you had. We lend adventurous couples a helping hand by tracking down the top 10 best beaches to “do it” on. 🙂 Thank me later! @iBLONDEgenius


When a Toronta police constable credits rape to slutty attire, this is what you get…READ ON AFTER THE JUMP! @jazzyvadney

America’s Smallest Apartment? NYC Woman shows off her 90 square-foot apartment!

I have been on the hunt for a spacious, reasonably priced, NYC condo for some time now – so coming across Felice Cohen’s 90 sq-ft apartment story makes me cringe! She has NO kitchen, and sleeps with the ceiling 23 inches from her face! Yet, she loves it and has been there for 3 years! Check out more details and a video of the bizarre living quarters below! @iBLONDEgenius

New Company Promises to Gives Guys a Pretend Facebook Girlfriend!???

Fellas, if you can’t find a real girl and want to look cool on Facebook…or you just want to piss off your ex girl by instantly changing your Facebook relationship status..here is your way to do that!!! This new company Cloud Girlfriend is promising to give you a virtual girlfriend?? @Ash_Bankz @Tatwza

(Fellas Check The Pics!!!) Happy 36th Birthday Eva Longoria!!!

Happy Birthday to Eva!!! To celebrate we have a collection of sexy Eva pics! Hit the jump to see more of Eva! @DJTech4

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