(Photo) Looks Like Amber Rose Won’t Be Getting Any On Valentine’s Day!

Awww man is right. Looks like hip-hop’s favorite model won’t be getting any on Valentine’s day because of a visit from Aunt Flow (emoji teeth showing face). But who won’t she be enjoying the night with? More after the jump to see what he had to post on Instagram.

IFWT Exclusive: Like From Pac Div Talks Fashion, Top 5 Sneakers Of All Time & More!

I got a chance to sit and chat with Like from Rap group Pac Div. We will discuss fashion and sneakers and will he have a clothing soon? To get a chance to learn more about the Cali bred, check out this exclusive interview here. Q: Your known for your style and your music, Define Your Style? A: My style evolves with my experience and growth as a person. I tend to variate my sound and look depending on where I’m at emotionally. Q. What are your favorite Brands at the moment? A:Mark Mcnairy, Ralph Lauren, Chanel, Stronghold, Lifetime collective Q. What are your Top 5 sneakers — Of All Time? A:Air Jordan 11, New balance 1500, Iverson question, Bernhard Wilhelm x camper boots, Polo sport canvas low tops Q:Who are your Top 5 — dressers in the game right now? A:Taz Arnold, Ouigi theodore from bkcircus, My boy Waversun out of Philly, and the homie Shamon Cassette, Pharrell Williams Q: Who is your favorite Sports team? A: Lakers Q: Do you own a clothing? A: No, Not yet This wraps up my interview with Like. Thanks for your time!! Instagram:@LikePacDiv Twitter:@LikePacDiv Website: CallMeLike Interviewed by Ajrashed

Talking About Yourself Makes You Feel Like WHAT?!?

“I Don’t Wanna Brag…But” Curious as to why people often enjoy bragging about themselves, researchers from Harvard University found out that it evokes brain reactions associated with pleasure and reward. After they conducted tests using brain scanning technology, they found that when people talk about themselves it triggers the same chemical reaction they experience during sex. Which motivates them to share personal information more often.

THIS Classic Snack Is Finally Making It’s Return!!

Ungh! Twinkies BACK! *Rick Ross Voice* That’s right, they’re back, but not bigger, smaller. But, regardless they have finally made they’re timely return. Shortly after former owners announced the ending of one of America’s most beloved treats, shoppers bought every box of Twinkies they saw. Some froze them for later dates and some took to eBay and Craig’s List to sell them for hundreds of dollars –even thousands. Maybe that’s why less than a year passed before they finally hit the shelves again. Hit the jump for more info.

Tech Talk News: New Facebook Tool Helps Organ Donors ‘Share Life’ !!!

Facebook is expanding it’s services to the point that they may very well need an EMT license, or at the least, they may need to connect with the DMV, cause they want people to digitally sign up for organ donation….are they doing too much?? I don’t know, but check out how it’s going down. +TatWZA

(Video)Tech Talk Comedy: LOL, Be Careful On Instagram!!!

I love it!!! This is Funny as Hell, Yet pretty much a True story…..Hit the Jump, See for yourself. +TatWZA

Caught On Tape: How To Enter A Fight…Like A Boss!!!

If you’re going to jump into a fight, you have to enter like the “King Of The Ring.” This guy comes in out of nowhere with a high-flying kick(literally). Click below to see the video. @WiLMajor

(Check The Almost NSFW Pic) This Cat Likes His ‘Kitty’ Face Down A** Up!!!!

I mean, once again, There are NO Words, A Must See!!!

(Poll) Tech Talk Web: What Do You Think About The NEW Facebook???

I’ve been talking to a few People, and Although when it 1st got announced, some people were feeling the timeline, it seems that people are changing their Mind, cause as of lately, I haven’t found anyone that ‘likes’ it, But I need a larger pool to really know, Hit the Jump and Take the Poll! +TatWZA

Tech Talk Behavior: Could You Live Like Facebook??

Have you ever thought about how you live your digital life?? How you move around on twitter, the way you crowd or ignore people that say they know you, and speaking of which, how do you even get to know them? You just run up on them online and get all in there digital face, well the video after the break will show you just that, you’ll ‘Like’ to ‘Follow’ along!!! @TatWZA

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