Yikes: Lindsay Lohan Says She Was Roofied & Did WHAT?!

It’s never a dull moment when it comes to Lindsay Lohan’s life. The actress is claiming that while she was at her friend Justin Etzin and model Lana Zakocela’s wedding in Florence recently, she was slipped a roofie. According to Lohan, when she got back to her villa – she was running around with no clothes on!

(Photos) Uh Oh! Lindsay Lohan Hits The Pole & Shows Us Her Moves!

Lindsay Lohan has been struggling with substance abuse for quite some time now, but she has been successfully staying sober. However on the OWN Network, LiLo was featured on the last episode and she admitted that she has been close to relapsing recently. She also revealed that instead of going out and partying, she’s been going to pole dancing classes, instead! Interesting. Check out the flicks in the gallery!

(Photos) Uh Oh! Lindsay Lohan, Why Are You Hanging Out With HIM?

Lindsay, Lindsay, Lindsay – When will you learn about the company you keep? Recently Lilo was spotted hanging out in NYC with her former assistant, Gavin Doyle. Yes, this is the same assistant who ratted her out to officials and said that Lindsay had been the one driving during the PCH accident. & Yes, this caused our favorite red head more legal issues! To read more and see pictures of the two, click below.

Wait…Lindsay Lohan Is Thinking Of Opening Up Her Own WHAT?!

I think I’ve heard it all, and the morning only just begun! Hit the jump and check out why good ol’ LiLo is looking for investors.

(Video) Oprah Comes Right Out & Asks Lindsay Lohan About Her Addiction!

Talk about GREAT timing. Lindsay Lohan has recently been released from her 90-day stint in rehad, and she’s making remarkable progress. We’ve heard about her drunken escapades, and saw her naked, but now, we get to hear her story – in her own words. Oprah sat down with the LiLo, and dove right in with the addiction questions. #NoFilter. Hit the jump and check out the quick preview of, Oprah’s Next Chapter.

Lindsay Lohan Wants NO PARTS Of Anything Alcohol Related….For Now

According to LiLo, the troubled actress is doing everything in her power to be rid of all types of alcoholic beverages since her arrival home from rehab. She’s going above and beyond to make sure everywhere she goes, there is no temptation for her to start hittin’ the bottle again. She’s even demanding that any hotel she stays at and show she appears on remove all of the LQ when she’s present. Not only that, but she even is forcing her mother to dump out any trace of alcohol she has in her home. Lindsay is NOT playin’ around….. (or so we hope.)

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