So Fun: Lindsay Lohan Will Spend Her Birthday In Rehab With WHO?!?!

After just switching rehab facilities for the 384959th time, LiLo will spend her 27th birthday with no other than… her lawyer! Shawn Holley has been ridin’ out with Lindsay for a long time, so it is only right she visits her client on her special day. Not to mention, she’s the ONLY one who is actually allowed to visit Lohan on her birthday.

Lindsay Lohan’s Mother Gets Paid 50K For WHAT?!?!

The most recent Celebrity Parents Brawl has been between between Lindsay Lohan’s parents, Michael and Dina Lohan. Although they divorced in 2007 (after being together for 22 years,) the two parents of Betty Ford’s finest have to speak on occasion on behalf of their daughter, LiLo. However, a recent blow-out between Michael and Dina REALLY caught our attention. Hey, I thought they JUST peaced it up? Well, that didn’t last long. Find out more after the jump.

(Photos) Lindsay Lohan’s Lawyer LIED To The Judge About Her Entereing Rehab!

Tsk Tsk, bad lawyer! Not only did LiLo not got to rehab this morning, but she went to a Chanel shop, and then made another stop, AND her lawyer lied to the judge about it! You need to be ashamed Mr. Lawyer. Drop down bottom and get the scoop.

(Video) Lindsay Lohan Didn’t Make It To Rehab, But She Showed Up WHERE!

I really use to be a fan, but it’s shame that the drugs has ruined this girls’ career. Lindsay Lohan has been involved in a list dummy moves over these past few years, and the future isn’t looking too bright either. After her dad puts her on blast, and she was suppose to show-up at Seafield Center rehab facility in Westhampton Beach, New York she decided to go get her own form of ‘therapy.’ Drop down bottom to see what she choose to do, as opposed to going to get ‘CLEAN!’

(Video) Impressive! Lindsay Lohan Stayed Sober During Coachella!?

She did it (at least we think so)! Lindsay Lohan said she stayed completely sober during Coachella, which she promised to do since she’s heading to rehab on May 2nd for 90 days. Do you believe it? Click below and watch the video and let us know what you think.

Lindsay Lohan Caught Stealing S**T Again! Let’s Get It Together Girl !!!

I’m so over this chick that it isn’t even funny. You’re so broke that you have to STEAL? Come on now. You keep running in and out of court for dumb s**t, but yet you keep pulling stunts. THIS TIME, it’s being said that Lohan stole from the set of, “Anger Management“. From the guy who gave you money to assist you in getting your madness under control? Drop down bottom to see what she stole and a better understanding to CORRECT (not LiLo’s) side of the story.

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