Damn! Prosecutors Reject Lindsay Lohan’s Plea Deal!

Lindsay Lohan’s plea deal has been rejected so she will officially be headed to court on Monday. This isn’t looking good for Lindsay, as reports have show that she’s definitely headed to jail or rehab but has been doing her best in refusing both. If Lindsay was honest to cops from the jump, she definitely wouldn’t be in this situation. To find out more information on what’s going on, click below.

DAMN! Lindsay Lohan Hooked Up With What MTV Reality Star ???

I love me some Snookers, but is she making up things or is she NOT? Snooki says that one of her Jersey Shore castmates “made out” with LiLo. This is crazy…it’s one’s my faves. Drop down bottom and check out who it is.

(Video) Which Celeb Has Been Arrained On MORE Charges ???

TMZ has just aired live the court room drama, that is called Lindsay’s Life. Home girl’s probation has been revoked and more charges are being thrown her way. LiLo needs to have a seat. The girl is only what, 26 years old and she’s already D list celeb status. I was feelin’ LiLo, you know before the criminal record started building. I think it’s her freckles, once she learned how to hide them, it was all down hill from there. Drop down bottom for more, PLEASE. JaaiR (JR)

Lindsay Lohan A Racist !?!?

This is like a never ending cycle with this chick. Could this spiral be, because of the fact that she was a child star? Her celebrity has messed her up a bit? I loved LiLo’s lil freckles…BACK THEN. Tiffany Mitchell, the woman who Lindsay was accused of assaulting (&& a psychic), says, “I was walking over to offer her a reading, because I had a premonition.” LoL, this story just gets better. Drop down to see what Lindsay’s racial response was. JaaiR (JR)

Lindsay Lohan Will Be Facing MORE Charges !!!

When will she get enough? Charlie Sheen just pulled LiLo out of hot water with the big boys (IRS), and now LOOK. Her crime for the car accident last June has allowed for, #1 – Giving false information to a police officer, #2 – Obstructing or resisting a police officer in the performance of duty, #3 – reckless driving, and #4 – assault (last nights troubles) to be added to the over-flowing arrest record. JaaiR (JR)

Lindsay Lohan Wants To Order Restraining Order Against WHO?!

If you’ve been keeping up with IFWT’s updates on Lindsay Lohan lately, you might have an idea of who the restraining order might be against. If not, you might be surprised at who it is. Either way, hit the jump to find out who she wants the restraining order against, let us know your thoughts. Melissa Nash

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