(Photos) Oprah Winfrey Supports Lindsay Lohan In New UK Play

As former child star Lindsay Lohan continues her quest to rebuild her career, she received much needed support by the queen of TV. More at the jump…

To Lie Or Not To Lie: Lindsay Lohan Apparently LIED About Having Touched Whitney Houston’s Body Bag!

As quickly as the rumour and quote spread was as quick as the Coroner shut them down! According to reports, the claim Lindsay Lohan made about having to “roll a body bag for Whitney Houston” was a lie! More details after the jump!

Lindsay Lohan FORCED To Move Overseas Because Of Oprah?!

Lindsay Lohan has been having a great time clubbing all over London town for the past several months. But, she claims that the reason for her BIG move was to get away from all the drama following her controversial stint on Oprah Winfrey’s reality show. She had no other choice but to relocate overseas.

WTF!! Lindsay Lohan Handled Whitney Houston’s Dead Body At The Morgue

Lindsay Lohan opened up about her community service in 2011, which she claims was totally “f’d up and inappropriate.” Lohan claims to have handled the body of Whitney Houston while volunteering at the morgue in LA. WHATTTTTTTT!!!

(Photos) Lindsay Lohan Suffered A Major Spray Tan Malfuntion

Lindsay Lohan in short shorts and a plaid shirt headed into an apartment in NYC with noticeably some parts of her legs white, while other parts were spray tan orange. LoL, look at the picture.

(Photo) Lindsay Lohan Flaunts Her Figure In Bikini Pic!

Lindsay Lohan has taken to her Instagram account to flaunt her slim figure with an early morning bikini selfie. Check out her morning, and awesome bathing suit here!

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