(Video) Mariah Carey AWFUL Lip Syncing Fail

Saturday Night was a terrible performance for Mariah Carey , Not only did she Lip Sync but it was AWFUL !!! Click into the Post to watch !

(Video) Iggy Azalea FAILS Horribly At Lip Syncing During JLO Performance

Hasn’t anyone learned anything from Britney Spears or Ashlee Simpson?! Just stop lip syncing people, you’re going to get caught. It’s 2014 and everyone has a record button on their phone. In fact, this fan got front-row coverage of Iggy Azalea completely failing to lip sync. During her “Actin’ Like That” performance with Jennifer Lopez at Chicago’s B96 Summerbash, Iggy Azalea didn’t even try to rap along her entire segment. YIKES!

(Photos) Twitter Goes In On Mariah Carey For Allegedly Lip Syncing During BET Honors

During this year’s BET Honors 2014, Mariah Carey’s outfit seemed to have stole the show after she had her huge chest all out in a sexy low-cut black dress. However, according to the viewers, her singingly apparently did not due to the fact she’s being accused of lip syncing. Whether or not it’s true, we still love and adore Mariah on this side. Check out what the Twitter commentators had to say about the questionable performance over in the gallery.

(Video) Uh Oh! Eminem Claims He Was Not Lip Syncing BUT…

Did he pull an Ashlee Simpson on SNL? A rep for the rapper tells TMZ Em was not lip-syncing during his performance of “Berzerk” … but does admit he was using a vocal track underneath his live vocals. So basically, he got vocal help… under his rapping… so it’s pretty damn close to the same thing. The rep later adds, “He just likes this sound and if you listen to his albums they are done the same way.” Love Em, but save me the convincing. It is what it is. See the vid footage below!

UH OH: Rihanna Angers Fans After Showing Up Two Hours Late To Concert

BadGalRiRi makes it no secret that she likes to party. However, are her party-girl ways getting out of control? Well, apparently fans in Antwerp, Belgium thought so when RiRi showed up more than two hours late for her Diamonds World Tour concert. Hit the jump to hear possible reasons as to why Rihanna was tarde for the party this time.

(Photo) Beyonce FINALLY Opens Up About The Lip-Syncing Controversy!! Good Excuse… Or?

In the gallery is the first picture up of Beyonce since the whole controversy of lip-syncing incident. Bey shared a picture of her looking EXTRA fierce while she was at her at her mother’s restaurant in New Orleans. She is staying there so she can rehearse for the upcoming Super Bowl. But she finally explains her “excuse” of WHY she lip-synced. She reportedly claims that she did it because she’s saving her voice for the Superbowl. ‘She’s getting ready for the Super Bowl so we didn’t have chance to do anything with her until the night. So it’s a very tight window of opportunity.’ Interesting! Do you guys think the Superbowl performance is more important than the inauguration? Facts are: 20 million Americans tuned in to watch Obama’s second inauguration, it is expected that approximately 160 million will watch the Super Bowl. So maybe she made the right decision? Let us know below! Oh, and check out Bey’s pic below! Biz Baby

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