Lisa Evers On Scene…. Joe Budden Like You’ve Never Seen Him Before

Joe Budden in an exclusive tv news interview tells HOT 97 & FOX 5′ Lisa Evers he’s telling the truth about his substance abuse to save lives! Click below to find out more.

Lisa Evers On Scene…..Mother Of 22-Year-Old Gunned Down By Police Whats Justice!

Fox 5 reporter & HOT 97’s Lisa Evers is outside Queens County court house where the mother of the 22-year-old Noel Polanco met with Queens DA asking for an investigation into why her son was shot and killed by police on the Grand Central parkway last week.

@LisaEvers On Scene… The Latest On The Chris Lighty Investigation

FOX 5 reporter and HOT 97’s Lisa Evers has an exclusive ibterview with the lead investigator in the Chris Lighty case. You won’t believe what he says! Plus more exclusive info from 50…

@LisaEvers On Scene … 50 Cent’s Bank Rolling Chris Lighty’s Investigation

Fox 5 news reporter and Hot 97 Host Lisa Evers will have an exclusive interview with 50 Cent. He will be funding an investigation for Chris Lighty more on Fox 5 news at 10 p.m.

Lisa Evers On Scene … 9/11 Anniversary Charity Day With 50 Cent, Carmelo Anthony & Victor Cruz

On 9/11 50 Cent, Carmelo Anthony and NY Giants’ Victor Cruz help raise millions for over 100 chairities in honor of those killed in the terror attacks…and talk exclusively to HOT 97’s + FOX 5’s Lisa Evers…

(Photo) @LisaEvers On Scene: Maino, LL Cool J & More Mourn Chris Lighty’s Death At Manhattan Funeral

Services were held for Chris Lighty this morning in his city of New York. Fox 5/Hot 97’s Lisa Evers was in attendance, and sent us this report from the scene:

Maino and other mourners outside Frank E Campbell Funeral Home in Manhattan…I saw 50 Cent, LL Cool J, Wyclef, Busta Rhymes and Q Tip among many otners going in to wake and service.

Happy to see so many are showing love to such an important man! You will be sorely missed, Chris!

@LisaEvers On Scene: New Information Emerges On Chris Lighty’s Death

Hot 97 and Fox News’ Lisa Evers has uncovered some pretty big informtation on Chris Lighty’s cause of death. Though it was automatically ruled as a suicide by the NYC medical examiner, she’s learned that an independent autopsy has been performed on his body, and that it was FAR too soon to assume anything at all. Hmm! More details below. Marisa Mendez

NEWS EXCLUSIVE: Dave Lighty Talks To Lisa Evers About His Brother’s Death

Yesterday the hip-hop world was shocked to hear about the tragic death of veteran manager, Chris Lighty. Fox 5’s (and Hot97’s) Very Own Lisa Ever’s sat down with Chris’s Brother, Dave Lighty, and Dave is Asking for a real investigation to be done, as some Mystery is surrounding this so-called self inflicted gun wound. And if You knew Chris, YOU KNOW that was NOT the type of person he was!! Read and listen to more below. IFWT

Lisa Ever On Scene….. Inside Police HQ Exclusive

I’m inside Police HQ with commissioner Ray Kelly at a press briefing. Kelly says there are way to many illegal guns in the hands of the youths and communities should shun shooter.

(Photo) Lisa Evers On Scene… Empire State Building Shooting Victim’s Funeral

The body of Empire State Building shooting victim Steven Ercolino just arrived at Our Lady of Sorrows church in White Plains.

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