(Video) Cool! Live Action Call Of Duty Type 1st Person Shooter Style Movie!

With CODAW out now, and Call Of Duty being one of the greatest games world wide, it was a matter of time before someone made a live action version, of course the hope was for hollywood to do it, BUT, these guys did a great job!

(Video) If You Didn’t See It, This Might Be The Best Call Of Duty: Advanced Warfare Trailer Yet!!

This video came out just 2 days ago and has 8M views, this might be the most anticipated COD yet, although we say this every year, and every year Activision(and Infinity Ward & Treyach too) delivers!! Less than 2 days and we got it!

(Mobile Version Video) Official Call Of Duty: Ghosts Live-Action Trailer “Epic Night Out”

This will be installment one of ‘Ghosts’ live commercials to hit the tube and create the conversation that will get the latest installment of “Call of Dutty” that will get well ove $Billions of dollars made in one year and give a tough competition for Game of the year(to be honest the only competition this year is GTAV, that record is crazy!!)

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