(Video) Redman & Lord Finesse Spit #BARZ For Their Toca Tuesday Freestyle

For the latest installment of Tony Touch’s Toca Tuesday show, he brought none other than Redman and Lord Finesse to bless the pics over at Sirius XM for some live freestyle action. Check out Redman and Lord Finesse as they spit their bars off the dome below!

Mac Miller Settles $10 Million Lawsuit From Lord Finesse; Releases Statement

Mac Miller started 2013 off fresh and new, leaving a crazy $10 million lawsuit back in 2012. We were all shocked when rap legend Lord Finesse made the decision to sue the relative newcomer last summer, not only for the outrageous amount but for the fact that it was over a mixtape cut…something Mac essentially didn’t make a profit off of. However, Finesse’s argument was that the track (“Hip 2 Da Game” off Mac’s debut tape Kool Aid & Frozen Pizza) was Mac’s big ticket to fame and the reason he’s making the dough he is today. So what came of the suit? Details and a statement from Mac below. Marisa Mendez

The 15 Biggest Old School vs. New School Rap Beefs

Check out the list of Old School Vs. New School rap beefs. Now some old school rappers sound like they are bitter and old, but some make good points and have good reason for sending shots. Some new school acts are just defending themselves. Either way check out the list below. WiL Major

Mac Miller’s Label Rostrum Records Responds To Lord Finesse Lawsuit

Mac Miller has already spoken out about the lawsuit that was filed against him earlier this week. In return, Lord Finesse also released a statement explaining why he filed the lawsuit in the first place. Now, the higher ups have got something to say. Read below. Gernique N

Lord Finesse Speaks Out On Suing Mac Miller; Offers 3 Reasons Why He’s Doing It

As I reported yesterday, rap legend Lord Finesse has decided to bring a $10 million lawsuit against Mac Miller for his 2010 song “Kool-Aid & Frozen Pizza.” The song used the beat from Finesse’s 1995 song “Hip 2 Da Game”, but was a mixtape cut…thus, not sold for money. However, Finesse feels Mac ultimately profited off the song because it “launched” his career and he should pay because he used his beat. Mac took to his Twitter following news of the suit against him, and spoke out against the decision. Mac ultimately said what we’re all thinking: he made the record to pay homage. He even revealed he and Finesse had spoke on it shortly after the record came out and it was nothing but love. He also made a valid point that Finesse never cleared the ORIGINAL sample that’s in the record! Still, Finesse is full steam ahead and took to his Twitter to clarify exactly why he’s doing it. See what he had to say below. Marisa Mendez

Lord Finesse Sues Mac Miller For $10 Million; Mac Miller Responds

“It bothers me when the Gods get to actin’ like the broads.” Mac Miller skyrocketed to fame a couple years back via a crazy web presence, and one song that helped fuel this was “Kool-Aid & Frozen Pizza.” The track was offered for free on his debut [FREE] mixtape, KIDS. Mac created a video for the song as well, that ended up garnering over 24 million YouTube views to date. However, the song sampled rap legend Lord Finesse’s beat from his 1995 song, “Hip 2 Da Game.” But this happens all the time right? Newer artists pay homage by going in over a legend’s beat? And it’s free so they’re not even profiting off it? It should be all love, right? Wrong. Lord Finesse feels he’s responsible for Mac’s career, and wants $10 million in damages for “copyright infringement, unfair competition, unjust enrichment, interference and deceptive trade practices.” This is absolutely absurd to me. See how Mac feels about it via Twitter below. Marisa Mendez

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