(Video) Christina Aguilera Supports Equality In New Video “Let There Be Love”

Christina Aguilera decided to premiere her video made up of home video clips for her song ” Let There be Love” on her YouTube channel yesterday. The pop star shows off her amazing body ,loved ones and sends her support for equality in this one! Hit the jump to see the video!

(Photo) Christina Aguilera In Her Birthday Suit!

Even after her weight gain, Aguilera shows us she is comfortable in her skin! How? She posed nude on her new ablum cover “Lotus!” Click below to view picture. Eloisa Melo

Auto Talk: Lotus bows out of Paris Motor Show

The plan put forth by former Lotus CEO Dany Bahar was to explode the British brand into the high-dollar sports car segment and directly challenge its marquee names. The first explosion came with the surprise introduction of five concepts at the 2010 Paris Motor Show. What has continued to surprise, though, is that the explosions haven’t stopped: parent company Proton has had troubles leading to a reworking of its Formula One involvement, its IndyCar effort has had a rough ride, Proton’s sale to Malaysian conglomerate DRB Hicom led to a production stoppage, and while the company was reassured that it wouldn’t be sold, Bahar was shown the door – along with four of those Paris concepts, as far as we can tell. Yet the company is still making highly regarded cars and going racing. Funk Flex

Auto Talk: Lotus custom channels the Esprit of Ayrton Senna

These days it seems like the dream of a new Lotus Esprit is getting nothing but further away, while the troubled company responsible for it applies the classic black and gold livery to everything it produces – and many things produced by others. But there was a time when the original Esprit was a mechanical wonder to behold, and the JPS livery was championed by arguably the greatest driver who ever lived. Funk Flex

Auto Talk: Lotus Scrapes Together Enough Money To Restore Production

“The past four months have been really tough for us,” admits Lotus CEO Dany Bahar to Autocar magazine. “We were working at a pace nobody had seen at Lotus for many years,” Bahar continued, alluding to the British sports car maker’s planned rollout of four models over five years that recently had recently hit the skids thanks to a 60-day financial freeze at Malaysian parent DRB-Hicom. Funk Flex Find Flex On Google+

Auto Talk: China’s JAC Heyue SC has a bit of Lotus and a dash of Ferrari in it

Remember JAC? It’s the Chinese company so dedicated to cloning the Ford F-150 that it changed its logo to a blue oval in the grille.JAC is back with a new car for this month’s Beijing Auto Show, this time showing off less consistent plagiarism and more pastiche with the Heyue SC coupe. Funk Flex

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