(Photos) Oo, The Drama! Omarion Reveals Whether Or Not He’s The Father Of Baby Megaa!

The rumor mill has been spinning recently over reports that Omarion might not be the real father of his newborn son, Megaa. According to reports, his long-time girlfriend Apryl refused to give him a paternity test. However, the results are in. Omarion, you ARE the father! Whew, what a relief! Imagine how much Love & Hip-Hop: Hollywood’s ratings would have sky rocketed if the paternity test came back saying otherwise. CRAZY! Take that, Mama Leslie! See O’s conformation post in the gallery.

LMFAO, Say What?! Hazel E Admits She Wants Yung Berg To Be The “Kanye West To Her Kim Kardashian”

Hazel E and Yung Berg have an…. interesting relationship to say the least. She claims that regardless of what us as viewers witnessed on this season thus far of Love & Hip-Hop: Hollywood, Berg really gave her the impression that he had every intention to make her his official girl (riiiighhhhht, sure he did.) See what nonsense she had to say below!

(Video) Love & Hip-Hop: Hollywood [Episode 6]

In episode 6 of VH1’s Love & Hip-Hop: Hollywood, Teairra Maria blows her big performance, Lil Fizz deals with Amanda’s infidelity issues, Ray J fires his assistant Morgan for wanting to better her career, Masika and Nikki meet up to discuss Mally’s dirty dog ways and much more. Catch the drama-filled episode below!

(Fellas Check The Pics) #LHHHollywood: Masika Vs. Nikki– Who’s The Baddest B*tch?!

After Love & Hip-Hop: Hollywood aired last night, we’re all sitting at our TVs trying to decide one thing: who is badder– Nikki Mudarris or Masika?! The two are caught up in a love triangle with Mally Mal and things definitely got messy. Take a look at both vixens in the gallery and let us know who you think is badder!

Ray J Holding His Ex’s Dog Hostage After Nasty Break-UP?!

Puppy love?! Apparently after Ray J & Princess Love’s split, there has been somewhat of a custody battle over the dogs in their lives. According to Princess Love, “their 3 other Maltese’s shouldn’t have to go through a break up as well … they are heartsick and visitation won’t work because things are so acrimonious.” Princess Love is now begging for Ray-J to give their dog Boogati back to her because the rest of her dogs are devastated and  they will not stop crying. We’ve heard of custody battles over kids, but dogs?

(Photos) NBA: WOW Was This Love & Hip Hop Star The Real Person Behind The Donald Sterling Leak?!

The Love & Hip Hop Hollywood cast has already proven themselves to be quite a messy bunch which I’m sure is helping in the ratings department.  The latest cast members to clash are Princess Love (the ex-girlfriend of Floyd Mayweather & Ray J) and Morgan Hardman (Ray J’s former assistant).  The two went at it on Instagram airing each other’s business when one tidbit slightly flew under the radar.

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