(Video) How Heartless! Lunch Lady Fired After Giving Free Lunch To Hungry Child With No Money

An elementary school lunch lady was fired after she was caught by her supervisor giving free lunch to a 12-year-old little girl who said she was hungry but did not have any money to pay. I guess the world is a little more screwed up than we thought! See her heartbreaking interview after the jump.

(Video) Pusha-T Reveals That “Lunch Money” Wasn’t Supposed To Be Released!

“It was an accident,” Push revealed to Revolt TV in a recent interview. “In dealing with iTunes and Google Play and things like that, you have to queue it up early. So we queued up a version early, for the space, and ‘Ye decided to take it out of the queue, because he wanted to do other things that you hear in the beat now. And you know, he be gone, I be gone, things get lost in translation and it didn’t get taken out of the queue for Google Play. So that’s how people had the wrong version first. And when people had the wrong version, and I found that out, I was like it has to go, we gotta just put it out.” How do you feel about “Lunch Money” now knowing that it wasn’t supposed to be the lead single?

(Video) SMH! School District Accountant Steals HOW Many Millions In Lunch Money?!?!

48-year-old Judith Oakes was caught on tape stealing lunch money day after day, adding up to a total of THREE million dollars stolen from the school district’s lunch money fund. Reports state that Oakes, who worked as an accountant for the Rialto Unified School District’s Nutrition Services Department, would stuff some of the money in her bra. Sources say that Oakes and her husband lived a “lavish life,” owning tons of expensive cars and materialistic objects. Welp, needless to say, Oakes 16 year long run as an employee for the district has finally come to an end. Check out the news report below.

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