(Video) WOW: Check Out The Luxury Prison Cell Of Brazilian Drug Lord “Jarvis Chimenes Pavao”

Brazilian Drug Lord “Jarvis Chimenes Pavao” is truly living his prison sentence in luxury! You guys have to check out this man’s prison cell. It makes it look like a not so bad place to be after all.

Lana Del Rey Got TWO Of Her Luxury Jaguars Stolen This Week

Lana Del Rey has been having a tough week…first one of her Jaguars was stolen, than someone to tried to break into her home…than the same car-jacker came back for her brand new 2015 Jaguar! The “Ride” singer really needs to upgrade her security detail before something else is next…full story after the jump.

(Photos) Meek Mill Blasts Dealer for Scamming Him On a Luxury Car

Uh Oh! Looks like someone forgot to get that Car Fax in order…things may be all good otherwise but riding around in style has come at a cost for the Philly native. Meek Mill Blasts Dealer for Scamming Him On a Luxury Car and airs them out on social, warning others of the alleged scam and letting his frustration be known!

(Photo) Boxing: Floyd Mayweather Gets Around Los Angeles Traffic In Style

When you got money you might as well flaunt it because we all know you can’t take it with you when you leave this earth. Floyd Money Mayweather was in Los Angeles last night and he knows the city has a bad reputation when it comes to traffic and being able to get around. So what is a mega rich athlete like Floyd supposed to do about that? Luckily he had something very nice on standby to beat the traffic jams.

How Much Does Mariah Carey Spend A Year Grooming Her Dogs? Too Much!

We all know Mariah Carey is a diva in her own right. Being worth around $290 million, she can live the life of luxurious, so why not her furry-babies as well? Mariah loves her fur-babies so much, she reportedly spends $28,000 a year pampering the eight pooches. And these pampering sessions would make a human jealous. Check it.

(Photos) Damn!! Bet You Haven’t Seen A Fort Like This!!!

What was once used a sea fort for defense, is now as a luxury resort. It cost the owners nearly $5 million to refurbish this place, and it’s a mile off the coast of…

Alicia Keys Unable To Sell This … ???

I guess she can’t instantly sell everything! Alicia Keys must be a little worried after she tried to sell her Manhattan home for $17.95 million and has now had to chop off $2 million from it.  I mean it doesn’t look like that much of a difference, but she has been trying to sell it for almost a year now.  I guess no one is trying to buy it for $15 mil and are waiting for it to possibly keep dropping in price. Hit the jump for pics of the home. Steph B

Auto:(Video) If You Need An Armored Car, Might As Well Go Luxury!

This has the feeling of an armored limo, rather than just a suv. Lexani motorsports created a armored Toyota Sequoia but nobody really knows why. At this point who cares why, I want it! I can’t afford it but I want it. This suv goes above and beyond what your used to seeing with an armored car. According to Autoblog there is enough armor on each side to protect it from 51mm rifle rounds and enough body plating underneath to protect from grenades and land mines. The real show is on the inside though. You feel like your in the back of a Maybach rather than a Toyota. The TV doubles as a divider between the driver. Luxurious leather seating and room for more than enough champagne bottles. Check the video below and see how to do armored transportation the right way. IamJOE357

(Photos) Hotel Under The Sea!

Only a creative yet billion-dollar-mind can whip up a crazy idea like this.  A hotel under the water off the coast of Fiji!  Forty feet under water it would contain 25 suites, a gym, restaurant, and of course a bar.  Imagine sleeping and opening your eyes to stare into the eyes of a shark. Hmmm, yes you would have to have some courage to sleep 40 feet underwater , without the thoughts of Jaws or Deep Blue Sea.  Hit the jump for example photos and for how much it would cost to stay here! Steph B It would cost about $15,000 to stay there for a week!

Las Vegas X Train, Nightclub On Wheels

Imagine getting ready to get on the train and being greeted by recliners and big screen TV’s! The Las Vegas Railway Express is closer to a deal where they could have subway that doubles as a nightclub complete with lounges, TV’s, and recliners. This would be the coolest form of public transportation ever, an underground party that actually takes you all around the sin city. Hit the Jump for more. PaulDaPro

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