(Photos) NBA: Matt Barnes Replies To Rihanna And Gets Violated By Her Friend!

Rule number one for manhood: NEVER lie about dating a woman. CARDINAL SIN, MATT! After Matt apparently lied to TMZ about dating Rihanna, she took to Instagram to check him and clear up that lie but Matt decided to respond and Rihanna’s friend went for his jugular! Check the gallery for the posts!

(Video) NBA: Uh-Oh, Kevin Durant Says The Game Is LYING About $20K Bet!

Last weekend the Game bet Kevin Durant $20k that he could hit an NBA 3-pointer & posted a video on Instagram about the bet — and yes, he hit the shot.  So KD owes $20k (to charity) now right?!  Wrong.  He’s saying he never agreed to that bet. Hmmmm, So what’s going on here?!  Check out what Durant had to say & I’m sure we will hear from Game soon…

NBA: Busted?! Fans Catch Mike Epps Lying About Being at Pacers/Heat Game 1; Funny Memes Follow!

Awww man, Kevin Hart is going to have a ball with this one.  SMH.  Mike Epps took to Twitter to let fans know he was at the Pacers/Heat game 1 — except there was one problem.  He tweeted out a photo with the caption “We here” of the Heat in their black jerseys … but in reality they  were wearing their red ones today.  Now, some are saying he was just trolling, but others think he was caught lying.  Either way fans went in & hilarious memes popped up almost immediately.  Check it out…

(Photos) LOL!! State Trooper Gives Woman Ticket Days After She Lies About Speeding!!!

After pulling a woman over for going 82mph in a 62mph zone, one officer proved that he has a heart. During the stop, Trooper Christopher Cummings noticed that not-only did the woman have and expired registration sticker, but also a suspended license. When he approached her car during the stop and asked why she was in such a hurry, the woman, 28-year-old Carley Williams, hit the officer with her sob story.

Fake WHAT Gets You REAL Jail Time?!

Fake military heroes can now receive up to a year in prison for lying about service. On Monday, June 2, President Obama signed off on the Stolen Valor Act. Basically, if you lie about having any military service, you’ve just talked your freedom away. Hopefully, we can get rid of these social network “models” next. Check for more info after the jump…

Sports: Lil Wayne Lying?! League Spokesperson Comments On Wayne Being Banned From NBA Events!

And the plot thickens!  So is he or isn’t he banned from NBA games?!  According to Tunechi in the video he says he is banned from ALL league games…but according to a league spokesperson that’s not the case at all!  What in the world is going on?!  Check out the report & let us know who you believe!

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