(Photos) Here’s What We Found Out About The Apple Watch($10K); Plus HBO Now, New Macbook, & More!!!

Apple: We have waited a few months since Tim Cook announced the Apple Watch in Sept to find out the details of Apple’s ‘Next Big Thing’. Little details like 22 variants of the Watch(five Watch Sport, 12 Watch, five Watch Edition), and Big rumors like the price of the Gold edition have been circulating, but all of that is over, the Read Deal is Here!!

(Video) Caught On Tape: Smash And Grab At An Apple Store!!!

Ummm, Not how I would have done it, but then again, besides not being a thief(anymore), I really respect technology!!

Apple Is Having A Press Event For WHAT??!!

Apple sent out press invites for an event being held on October 22nd. On the invite it only says “We still have a lot to cover.”

(Photo+Video) It’s So Hard To Say Goodbye….Remembering Steve Jobs

It has been 2 long and reflective year since the late Great Steve Jobs left us down here on earth. It’s almost impossible to really understand how much Mr. Jobs contributed to the evolution and advancement of the human race as a whole. 02/24/1955-10/05/2011

WTF!!! Best Buy Recalls WHAT?!?!?

Best Buy has recently recalled third party MacBook batteries. The company sold Apple customers ATG branded items to replace their MacBook stock battery.

OMG!!!! Apple Is Being Sued!!!

A class action lawsuit is being brought up against Apple for faulty computer display. According to sources , the man who is initially suing says there is an issue the retina display in the MacBook pro series. The lawsuit accuses Apple of “tricking” customers into buying ghosting screens by not disclosing which computer uses which make of display. Customers started seeing burn in problems after they purchased the computer. After an image had been displayed for about 10 minutes it would leave a ghost of the image after customers had cleared their screens. After customers started to complain, apple launched a trouble shooting link.

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