(Video) NFL: LOL, We All Know Someone Like This! Which “Madden” Stereotype Are You

When it comes to video games we are either the ones who get crazy, or know someone who loses their mind while playing. This funny video looks at the different types of Madden players and they are dead on accurate. Even if you don’t play video games yourself, I guarantee you know someone like this. Hit the jump.

(PHOTO) NFL: Infograph on the History of the Madden Curse

As NFL fans, we’ve all talked about it, some believe it and some don’t.  But now the Madden Curse has been broken down in a nice infograph. Check it out…

NFL: Voting For Cover Of Madden 25 Has Begun! Old School vs. New School! Who You Got?!

I love this!  To celebrate the 25th anniversary of “Madden,” this year’s official cover vote pits 32 legends and 32 current NFL superstars against each other, as fans click for their favorite players from past and present to represent football gamers worldwide on the front of the “Madden NFL 25” box. Check out who the players are, let us know who you are going to vote for & who should get the cover!

Ravens Ray Lewis Madden 13 Speech: Leave Your Legacy

With 1 more game left in his lendary career Ray Lewis leaves one last memoarble speech for Madden 13 fans. And its to leave you legacy. After the break check out the video, try not shed any tears when the video is over.

Tech Talk Gaming: EA Sport’s Madden NFL 13 Sells Franchise Record 900k Copies On First Day

EA Sport’s  Madden 13 hit the jackpot this week, EA Sports sold a record 900,000 copies of  the game on the first day.  The game also saw a record number of users on its Madden network.  Congrats to the folks over at EA Sports for their achievement. Yungjohnnybravo x TatWZA

Tech Talk Gaming: NBA 2K13 All Star Trailer

You didnt think 2k Sports  was going to give Madden 13 all the shine did you..2k Sports decided to release their newest trailer for NBa2k13 feat. Jay-z. Yungjohnnybravo x TatWZA

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