(PHOTO) NBA: Oh-No! Shaq Under Fire After Clowning Man With Rare Disorder

Ohhh no, this is sad & unfortunate!  I really don’t think Shaq meant to offend anyone, but he did —  Shaq just isn’t that type of person to viciously attack a person.  He’s now under fire for hurting a man’s feelings that has a rare disorder.  He mocked a man named Jahmel Binion on Instagram and Jahmel happened to see it.  He’s always liked Shaq & was shocked that he would make fun of his appearance. Shaq has since taken down the pic — hopefully the big guy has a nice surprise for Jahmel.  Hit the jump for the full story & to see the pic…

NFL: LMAO, They Got Jokes! Check Out What The Ravens Did To Jacoby Jones Because of Stripper Incident!

At least the Raven’s are having a good sense of humor about the whole Jacoby Jones/Stripper incident!  Both Jacoby and the stripper (named Sweet Pea) have both spoken out about what happened, so now everyone can move on….and also have some fun with it.  Check out what the team did to make fun of Jacoby.  He will probably hear about this mess for some time — I hope someone had a recorder rolling when they did this.

(PHOTOS) NBA: JR Smith Clowns Mike Woodson’s Outfit After Win; Melo & Shumpert Join In!

It’s great to see these guys winning and having fun at the same damn time!  Last night the Knicks won their 1st Atlantic division title since 1994. JR Smith took to Twitter earlier today to clown coach Mike Woodson’s (aka Woody) shirt. Carmelo Anthony & Iman Shumpert joined in on the fun. Check out the pictures…

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