OK, So THIS Is What Happened To The Malaysian Flight Shot Down!!

According to sources after the investigation of Malaysia Airlines Flight MH17’s black boxes, the downed flight suffered a “massive explosive decompression.” It occurred when shrapnel tore through the plane — a Boeing 777. The results of the infamous surface to air missle. More info after the jump.

New Evidence Shows Malaysia Jet Was On Autopilot Entire Time Before Crash

Officials have yet to give up on the search for the Malaysian Airlines jet flight 370. They’ve actually changed the course of the search and also have found new evidence that suggests the jet was on autopilot the entire time before its plummet. Drop down bottom for the details.

What?! A Final Breakthrough On Where The Malaysian Airlines Flight MH370 Disappeared To?!

The search for the missing Malaysian Airlines Flight MH370 is coming to a month now, since it’s disappearance on March 8. No solid information about its whereabout have surfaced or what possible could have happened to it, until today.

(Video) Authorities May Have Lead On Who Is Responsible For Malaysian Flight 370 Disappearance!!

It’s been nine days since the disappearance of the Malaysia Airlines Flight 370 and a lot of speculation and theories have been floating around by US Officials and Malaysian authorities and none seem to coincide with each other. That was until recently when news developed that the plane may have indeed been hijacked. But the question still remains who is responsible?!

(News) Did The Malaysian Airlines Flight 370 Possibly Have Landed?!

The world has been in shock, watching in awe as news on the the Malaysian Airlines Flight 370 disappeared Saturday after 1:07am local time. The search for the giant Malaysian Airline Boeing 777 has lead to no clues or indication as to where the plane might have gone or landed, until recent reports suggest otherwise.

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